i admittedly gave out a huge shriek when i saw this post on brooklyn bride pointing to InStyle’s blogroll. i’m so honored to be included among blogs that i have admired for so long and by a magazine that is so endlessly inspiring! thanks InStyle! ;o)

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reader question.

a reader recently asked if i knew where to find the vintage stamps i posted about below. to be honest, i was thinking about looking through my dad’s collection until i realized he had gotten rid of them years ago! boo! i did a search on ebay and found tons…

playing catch-up.

things have been so busy lately but i have made so much progress in terms of the wedding! i decided to start collecting various milk-glass pieces for the flower arrangements for the reception. my mom and i have been antiquing like mad and i’ve collected about a dozen pieces so…

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liner follow-up.

Thanks to all that posted on the envelope liners! Vane: i would be soooo appreciative if you could send me a copy of the template you have! it’s so amazingly sweet of you to offer! (big hug!) i would need the a6 and a9 versions, if you don’t mind. and…