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Note: Advertising on Classic Bride must be relevant to readers and I reserve the right to turn down products and services that are not in line with the ideals and aesthetics of this site.

Testimonials from current advertisers:
I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Sarah, you are a delight to work with. Always professional and friendly. I have been following Classic Bride for a long time and am a big fan. I love CBB’s elegant aesthetic – traditional and new, different and sophisticated. It was important to me to find a place [to advertise] that compliments my photography. I couldn’t be happier with Classic Bride and how effective it has been for my business. We have received an overwhelming response from our ad. CBB has brought forward the results we were looking for. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of Classic Bride!
– Patricia Kantzos, Patricia Kantzos Photography

I’m very careful about the blogs with which I choose to associate my products. Classic Bride is a site you can trust as an advertiser. Classic Bride is easy to work with, open to advertising solutions, and never fails to deliver a solid ROI.
– Stephanie Boarman, Ooh Baby Designs

Q: Do you accept products/services in place of monetary payments for endorsing a product/service on your site?
A: Yes and no. If a publicist/shop owner approaches me and offers me a sample {let’s say a beauty product or something fashion-related} and it’s something I absolutely adore, something I would purchase on my own, then yes, I sometimes will accept the sample and when I write about it on Classic Bride, I will include a line or two in the post that reads something like this: In order to comply with FTC regulations, the [insert free sample item] was kindly sent to me by [insert PR company, etc.] for review and inclusion in posting. However, if the product/service is not in line with my personal aesthetic {and thus, the CBB aesthetic}, then no, I will absolutely not accept the sample nor will I ever write about or endorse something that does not fit within CBB’s highly-tailored and specific style.

ps. I’m also available for freelance work. I write every day and I love every minute of it. I’ve been able to work with well-known brands {Noritake, Williams-Sonoma, Dyson, Temperley London, Traveler’s Joy,, FTD, Delman and Nina shoes} as well as many smaller wedding-oriented businesses and I’d be happy to work with you! If you’d like to hire me to freelance in any capacity, please e-mail me and we’ll chat about the type of work you have in mind as well as rates.