Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as I was sent several complimentary items featured and all are marked as “c/o” throughout the post. All editorial and opinions are my own.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so to help you come up with the perfect gifts for your loved ones, I’ve rounded up a few classic and preppy picks that are sure to make your friends and family smile brightly. From bridesmaids to mothers to children, I’ve got the bases covered. Enjoy!

Double Ball Boxwood Topiaries (c/o) Little Letter Shop

Preserved boxwoods are most assuredly the key to any low-maintenance (well, when it comes to plants) gal’s heart and these adorable topiaries are the perfect alternative to roses for Valentine’s. Not only will they last a long time, they can also navigate the seasons by just changing the ribbon. I love the idea of using a pink gingham ribbon (the one featured here is from Shy Myrtle which is an amazing ribbon source that I talk about later in this post) for Valentine’s and as spring approaches, switching to a light blue or cheery yellow silk ribbon. A tartan plaid would look smashing for the holidays along with a string of sparkly lights. Perfect gift for a mom or mother-in-law!

Engraved Acrylic Highball Glasses (c/o) Gracious Bridal Design House

If you’re having a Valentine’s party, these are the cutest glasses! I love that they’re acrylic (especially with a toddler in our house!) but the tasteful engraving makes them feel festive and fancy – perfect party ware! These would also be fantastic for weddings and celebrations including bachelorette parties, bridal showers and brunches. GB Design House has an amazingly large selection of carefully curated monograms, crests and logos to choose from and they were a dream to work with. Highly recommend!

Scalloped Staffordshire Dogs with Navy Vase print by Paige Gemmel c/o Pink Lion Dog

I’ve been a long time fan of Paige Gemmel’s elegantly chic paintings and am so tickled to be able to hang these sweet Staffordshire pups in our house (stay tuned for an upcoming post sharing more on that!). A prized print by Paige would make such a fun and unexpected gift for any chinoiserie loving gal out there. I’m also head over heels for these Staffordshire Dogs in Blue – just darling!

Set of Applique Monogram Hand Towels (c/o) Simply Sandra Designs

Beautiful hand towels are one of my favorite items to always have on stock for a spur-of-the-moment hostess or housewarming gift. But these applique monogrammed beauties by Simply Sandra Designs really step it up a notch (the quality of Sandra’s designs is unparalleled! I have a monogrammed tissue box that she made for me years ago and it is, hands down, one of my favorites!) and make for a most thoughtful inclusion in a Valentine’s basket for a mom, bride or bridesmaid. I love the idea of stocking a “bath” basket with these lovely monogrammed towels, a luxurious bubble bath and a few indulgent chocolates. Heaven!

Chinoiserie Shenyang Linen Pillows in Bloom (c/o) Pillow Fever

I’m loving Pillow Fever’s array of gorgeous pillow designs and am especially smitten with these chinoiserie linen gems! Each designer pillow is handmade and the attention to detail is top-notch. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and I must share that it blew me away how quickly Kseniya, the shop proprietress, would respond to any messages I sent. Wonderful products and service. And these would make the perfect Valentine’s gifts for moms (along with flowers and chocolate).

Staffordshire Style Dogs (c/o) Merwin Farm and Home

Puppies have to be one of the most romantic gifts imaginable but if you’re not quite ready for the commitment a pet brings, these Staffordshire style pups are sure to win hearts, as well. And if you are wanting to bring a pup into your life, I really love the idea of pairing these pups with a Valentine’s “coupon” for a date to visit an animal shelter to adopt a new family member together. Make sure to check out the other cute wares in Merwin Farm and Home!

Lemon & Capri Art Print (c/o) Willa Heart

I’ve been a fan of Willa Heart on Instagram for a few years now – her artwork is so cheerful and fun and I think it would be the perfect Valentine’s gift for a girlfriend/bridesmaid in your life. How fun are these glass clinking greyhounds? I think it would be too cute to include this print with a bottle of champs and some heart-shaped balloons. I also love these tennis-playing Cavalier King Charles spaniels and this adorable giraffe print (for a nursery!).

Blue Prunus Blossom Jar (c/o) House to Homey

This fun shop has so many great items and I also love the reasonable prices. The shop proprietress, Melinda, has a section devoted to “blue and white” which obviously resonates with me. I’m in love with this darling little blue prunus blossom jar and I’d totally give bonus points if you tucked a few dahlias or gardenias in a ginger jar for a Valentine’s Day gift. Even though the beauty of the flowers will soon fade, the jar will endure the test of time and look fabulous atop a mantle or bookshelf. Take a look at this regal vase still in the shop.

Monogrammed Pillows (c/o) Hearth and Home Store

These cute little monogrammed pillows would be beyond sweet in a little girl’s room but I personally enjoy them on my French chairs so I think they’d make a great Valentine’s gift for any gal in your life. Paired with some fine chocolates and romantic DVDs and you have a great gift for the bride in your life.

Luxe Ribbon (c/o) Shy Myrtle

Ribbon never ceases to amaze me. When you add the right color, pattern and texture to a wreath, vase, (Valentine’s!) present, etc., it’s like watching something come alive. It’s so fun how it can elevate something and instantly make it feel so much more special. And the super luxe ribbons from Shy Myrtle definitely do just that. I incorporated their gorgeous blue, white and black check ribbon as a bow on my eucalyptus wreath (I must give my mother-in-law the credit for my bow-making skills as she has patiently shared her talent and taught me over the years how to make some truly beautiful bows – thank you, D!) and I used a wide blue silk wired ribbon from Shy Myrtle to add some color and interest to my boxwood wreaths. The pink gingham ribbon featured on the topiaries in this post is from Shy Myrtle as is the light blush and nude gingham check ribbon featured with the hand towels. This little shop stocks my favorite styles and selections so I urge you to make your last present-shopping stop at Shy Myrtle to pick up a corresponding ribbon or two to make your gift “come alive” with pizazz.
PS. Check out their plaid section, too. I’m already drooling over all their holiday tartans.

Preppy Monogrammed Seersucker Tooth Fairy Pillow (c/o) Sew Seersucker

Growing up, I remember waking up on Valentine’s Day to a decorated chair in my bedroom filled with yummy chocolates and treats and a card from my parents. It made me feel so special and it also made me carry a fondness for the holiday that I still hold today. I hope to continue that fun tradition with our children and I love the idea of including a few non-edibles like this adorable personalized tooth fairy pillow. I think it will make the experience of losing a tooth less fearful and more fun. There’s a little pocket in the tooth to hold a tooth and money. Kimberly, the owner, told me that at Sew Seersucker, keeping all of their work in house is very important and they try to make sure that it shines through in all of their products. Well, I have to say, the attention to detail on this pillow is exceptional – beautifully done.

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.