Our Favorite Toddler Essentials

Our Favorite Toddler Essentials

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as I was kindly sent complimentary products featured in this post – all are designated with “c/o” – in exchange for writing about them. All editorial and opinions are my own.

Our baby is walking and talking and his curiosity and appreciation about the world around him is so beautiful. I always say that I don’t think I could love him anymore than I already do but my heart just keeps expanding with every new thing. I thought I’d pop in and share a few things W is loving right now as an early toddler as well as some things we’re looking forward to sharing with him as he gets a bit older.

Take Along Chair (c/o) from Personal Creations

Since W started walking around 14 months, he has found that he loves to climb on couches and chairs so with that in mind, we decided to get him a chair that is more suited to his size. I love that the one we chose is personalized with his name and that the colors mix so well with his room. When the chair arrived, all I had to do was place a few foam inserts inside the slip cover and we were good to go. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble by myself and I really like that the inserts are soft foam and toddler-friendly. W took to his chair immediately. We placed his book bin next to the chair and he enjoys curling up in his chair to read his books.

Wooden Railway Set (c/o) from Melissa & Doug

I remember being little and loving outings with my Mom to a particular children’s shop in downtown Charleston because they had the coolest train set and I loved playing “conductor” while my Mom shopped. I think those memories are the reason I wanted W to have his own train set so after looking around, we decided on this set because we loved the bridges, multi-piece trains, magnetic-tipped cranes and the roundhouse engine shed. With more than 130 pieces, I know this will offer W countless hours of fun. It’s intended for children 3 years and older so we’ll have to wait awhile before we introduce this to him but my husband and I had so much fun setting it up, I have a feeling we’ll enjoy playing right alongside W. I have to mention how impressed we were with the quality of this set (and everything else we have that is Melissa & Doug!)  – everything feels so sturdy and well-made with close attention to detail. Oh, and the pieces are also compatible with other popular wooden railway systems so you can always add on, as well!

Toile de Jouy dusty blue cover (c/o) for DockATot Grand from DockATot

W has been using his Grand DockATot for awhile now (he loves to lounge in it and drink his milk before nap time) and while it’s been a wonderful addition to his room and routine, the original cover didn’t coordinate that well with our decor. That’s why I was beyond excited to see the Toile de Jouy cover available on the DockATot site. I couldn’t have asked for a cover that goes better with W’s traditionally styled nursery and am so happy with this updated look. You can see the other covers they have available if you’re wanting a refresh, as well.

Trio 3-in-1 Wood High Chair™ – Tristan (c/o) from Ingenuity

As W’s getting older, we’re starting to feel more comfortable taking long weekends here and there and we wanted to get a new high chair that would fit our (more) on-the-go lifestyle. The Trio 3-in-1 does that perfectly as it easily transforms from a standard high chair to a booster seat which we can quickly pop in the SUV to take with us. I love that it also transitions to a toddler chair which W is almost ready to use. A few other things that we’re appreciating about this high chair are the wood finish that blends well with our antiques, the EasyClean™ tray that features built-in cup holders and can be removed with one hand, and the rolling wheels and locks which make it super easy to move wherever we need. As you can see, W is pretty happy with it, as well:

Handmade Under the Sea Quilt from GiGi

Last but not least, W is loving this quilt his GiGi made with love and sent for him. She chose fish for the front and frogs for the back because W loves eating fish and his favorite animal (so far) seems to be frogs. We’re currently using it as a play mat and W loves running and leaping “into” the quilt like it’s a pool and he seems to really like the vibrant primary colors of the fish.

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.