Our Favorite Baby Naptime Essential

Our Favorite Baby Naptime Essential

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as I was kindly sent some complimentary products featured in this post – all are designated with “c/o” – in exchange for writing about them. All editorial and opinions are my own.Since welcoming baby W home almost nine months ago, our lives have changed so drastically it’s sometimes hard to remember what life was like before he arrived. While J&I easily came to embrace this new and crazy life, there’s one thing that always makes life better: sleep … and more sleep! From one of our initial pediatrician visits, we were told that “sleep begets sleep” which was hard to believe at first but we soon came to find the more naps W takes during the day, the more he seems to sleep at night.

Luckily, we were blessed with a pretty chill baby from the get-go: he would sleep 5-6 hour stretches at night as a newborn and somewhere around two months, he was sleeping easily through the night. I felt like we had hit the baby sleeping jackpot.Then around four and a half months, it happened. The angel baby who always slept through the night started waking and crying … once a night … then twice a night … sometimes I lost count how many times a night he’d wake. We were trying every sleep training technique under the sun but nothing seemed to work. Some days I was convinced he was going through a growth spurt, other days I decided it must be teething. Then I read about the four month regression and chalked it up to something way outside of our control. This monkey business went on for a looooonnng three months and most nights, he was sleeping in his swing … not ideal. He’d have a few nights sprinkled here and there where he would sleep 10-11 hours straight which were sweet treats but would also just confound us – how? why?

I’m happy to say that currently, our little munchkin is back to sleeping 12 hours most nights (knock on wood!). And the big key to our success? Well, I believe it’s a combination of things:

  1. We started feeding the little hungry hippo LOTS. I mean lots. Like five meals a day in addition to nursing and formula-made bottles.
  2. I started really focusing on his daytime naps and tried my hardest to get him at least two decent naps of around two hours each. Sometimes, he’d take take a third late afternoon nap, too. For the longest time, W would nurse and fall asleep on me. I’d usually just let him sleep his full nap on me while I answered e-mails, edited photos, worked on blog posts, etc. but my movements would sometimes wake him and it wasn’t the most comfortable situation for either of us.
  3. I introduced the DockATot Grand (c/o) for his daytime naps which I believe has allowed him a higher quality of sleep and freed me to be much more productive during this time. I chose the DockATot Grand size which is intended for children 9-36 months but they also make a smaller Deluxe version that is made for 0-8 months.

I love that the DockATot is made from breathable, all natural, 100% cotton so my mind is at ease whenever W is playing or napping in it. While it’s become our go-to for daytime naps, W also uses it as a playtime lounger in the living room and sometimes in our bed, too. We place it in the middle of our King bed and J&I hop in on either side and read stories and sing lullabies with W for our late afternoon chill time.

I’m also excited that we’ll be able to use the DockATot Grand until W is 36 months and if he has any trouble transitioning to his toddler bed, this should help out tremendously.

The adorable two soft toys and wooden teether (c/o) featured in the post are from Finn + Emma. Aside from being insanely adorable, we love that Finn + Emma products are organic and eco safe. Their hand-knit toys are made by an artisanal women’s collective in Peru with G.O.T.S certified organic cotton yarn and wool stuffing and their wooden teethers feature a phthalate-free rattle inside. W loves playing with these in his car seat and at home!

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.