Classic Charleston Engagement

Catherine and Jim met while attending the College of Charleston together. After graduation, the couple stayed in town and continued dating for five years. Jim surprised Catherine with a beautifully planned proposal at the Cistern on campus on October 15, 2015. Tune in tomorrow to see the couple’s rehearsal dinner and on Thursday for the wedding. / Images by Carmen Ash Photography.

Says Catherine, “Jim and I met as students at the College of Charleston in September of 2008. Our love of music brought us together initially, and we danced the night away together at a sorority/fraternity mixer. Even though we had a blast together, Jim forgot to ask for my number, and we went our separate ways with friends at the end of the night. Charleston is a small town and we have a lot of mutual friends but we only ended up seeing each other once in passing during the next year and a half, though we would later admit to each other, that we thought of the other often during that time apart. Fate finally brought us back together at a mutual friend’s birthday party in January 2010, a year and a half after our first dance floor meeting. We became inseparable from that moment forward.

After graduating, we stayed in Charleston and continued dating for five years. Jim proposed at the literal and figurative heart of the College of Charleston, the Cistern, on October 15, 2015. The proposal was a complete surprise (one of the only ones Jim has EVER pulled on me) and to this day, the Cistern holds a very special place in our hearts. Jim surprised me again with a photographer who had been hiding. After taking photos, we walked to the Bus Shed Bash, where we were meeting friends for an oyster roast. Unbeknownst to me, another surprise waited, as my parents, sister and Jim’s sister were waiting to surprise us along with all of our friends. After lots of hugs and happy tears, the band serenaded us with Bruno Mars’ ‘I think I want to marry you,’ a surprise our friends organized. To say we were on cloud nine is an understatement!