Classic Children’s Portraits by Judy Barranco


Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as photography services were provided in exchange for advertising services on Classic Bride blog. All editorial and opinions are my own.

Before W was even born, I knew I would want to capture the angelic innocence of childhood with some dreamy, timeless portraits and I also knew that photographers who hold the talent for capturing those images are few and far between. While I truly appreciate contemporary shoots that tend to be more casual, there is just something magical about a classic studio portrait. I love that there are no background distractions – the focus is just purely about the subject and that makes it so much more intimate. At my parents’ home, the walls are adorned with beautiful portraits of family members, some of whom are no longer with us. I love being at my parents’ home and being around those portraits because they keep a small piece of those people we so loved alive. I guess that sentiment made me realize how much I treasure portraits that really capture a person’s essence and because of that reason, I knew I wanted to have W’s portrait done.

So I started researching photographers around the time W turned two. I looked through gallery after gallery and just wasn’t quite finding what I had in mind. Then I discovered Judy Barranco and bells started sounding off in my head! It was exactly the style I had been looking for – clean, classic and timeless.

After excitedly showing Judy’s website to my husband, I e-mailed her to see if we could set something up. She promptly responded with the sweetest e-mail. She’s one of those people who allow the warmth of her personality to shine, even through email. After a few e-mails back and forth, I felt like she was a friend I had known for ages and I loved how Judy worked with me so effortlessly to see what my family’s needs were. She helped us decide on a classic studio portrait for W followed by a contemporary waterside family session (which I’ll be sharing on the blog tomorrow).

Judy definitely has a way of making you feel comfortable right off the bat which is a wonderful gift because the more relaxed and at ease you feel, the more relaxed you’ll appear in photos – and who doesn’t want that? Judy also had such a graceful and easy way of working with W. She employed lots of fun tricks to get him to relax including having her daughter, Gracie, blow bubble after bubble, much to W’s delight. But W’s favorite part of the experience (and maybe mine, too) was Judy’s one-of-a-kind DREAM CLOSET filled with beautiful outfits, accessories and the sweetest toys:

For many years, Judy balanced motherhood with a passion for photography and designing children’s clothing. So, because of her background in design, she offers her lucky clients a visit to her in-studio Dream Closet … and that is no exaggeration. This closet was beyond dreamy – it even had me wishing a teensy tiny bit that I had a baby girl to dress up in all the frills and French hand sewn beauty.

While most of Judy’s clients have a special outfit they bring for the shoot, it’s so nice to have the option of borrowing a linen button-on suit, smocked bubble or french hand-sewn dress for the session.

I’m lucky that my mother enjoys the art of smocking and sewing and that she so graciously made W a beautiful custom outfit for his portrait session. But that still didn’t keep me from drooling over the gorgeous selection of outfits in the dream closet. And it was reassuring knowing that if any spills or accidents happened, there were plenty of back-up options waiting for us.

This portrait of W is one of my favorites that Judy captured. I love the clean, creamy white background and the faded edge around the bottom, and, of course, that sweet little smile.

Judy says, “A Classic session captures their pure beauty and personality even when it’s not a huge smile, laughter and giggles. (Although we do capture that in the Classic session too). The Classic is usually a gentle smile, eyes directly into the camera, capturing the essence of their beauty. As moms, we see that look every single day, even if it’s only when they glance up from playing with a toy. But you know the look! It makes your heart stop and say … D*** … you’re gorgeous!”

Judy couldn’t have said it better and she completely nailed it by capturing W’s sweet essence in this photo:

I couldn’t be more pleased with my family’s experience working with Judy – from the initial emails, to meeting her and working with her in person, to the final photos – everything was seamless and a true joy. And, most importantly, we feel like we have photos that we will treasure for life. If you’re looking for a photographer to capture timeless images of your child or family, I highly recommend Judy Barranco.

I’ll end with a quote from Judy that I feel sums up the reason why any parent would want to have classic portraits taken of their children: “For me personally, I think the ages of newborn to five are pure magic. The hugs, the giggles, the smiles and innocent joy of this age will forever be my favorite.”

Couldn’t agree more, Judy … and I’m so happy you were able to freeze that joy for us forever with the gorgeous photos you captured. Thank you!

Judy is located in Montgomery, Alabama. You can see more of her children’s portraits on Instagram.

All photography by Judy Barranco.