Virtual Tea Parties with Tea Cloud

Virtual Tea Parties with Tea Cloud

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by Tea Cloud. The company is a Presidential member of CBB’s vendor guide, and this post is part of the member’s many privileges. Find out more about becoming a member here. All editorial and opinions are my own.

Tea is one of those wonderful drinks which allow for a comforting experience to unfold and it’s a drink always made more enjoyable when sipped with good company. The women who founded Tea Cloud hold tea time dear to their hearts as it’s a deeply rooted tradition in their family and I’m so excited to share their marvelously clever virtual tea boxes with you today!

Tea Cloud’s virtual tea party boxes provide the amazing ability to include friends and family near and far who cannot attend special celebrations whether it’s a bridal shower, wedding or other special occasion. The essence of the concept stems from the founders’ own tea-related tradition that began in the late 1970s. When their mother was engaged to be married, their Great Aunt knew she wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding so she threw the bride a virtual bridal tea party! After lovingly preparing tea boxes filled with thoughtful treats, she sent them to all the women in the family. A note was included that instructed each recipient to enjoy their box at a certain time and date as a way to honor the bride in solidarity. Forty years later in 2016, that bride’s daughter, Christina, was engaged to be wed and remembering the Great Aunt’s darling idea of tea bonding, they threw a bridal shower that included a virtual tea party for those who couldn’t attend … and soon after, Tea Cloud was born making virtual tea parties a fun and incredibly easy way to bring your loved ones together!

The gals at Tea Cloud know how unique each wedding is and they’re more than glad to work with each bride to create a perfectly customized tea box that will put a smile on each recipient’s face.

Each standard virtual tea party box contains a beautiful assortment of tea time items including:

A vintage porcelain tea cup and saucer.

The Tea Spot’s tea bag pyramids.  Each box includes 4 biodegradable tea sachets with the following variety of flavors: Coconut Cabana, Earl of Grey, Organic Assam Black Tea and Fruity Green Tea.

Sugar cubes. Venas Fizz House sugar cubes.

Sweet treat. The perfect companion to a cup of tea.

Tea Cloud sachet. The company’s signature sachet is filled with either lavender or pine aromas and complements a warm cup of tea … to the T. 

Wooden keepsake box. Each box measures 9″x6″x5″ and is handmade in Maine out of natural oak wood. And once you’re done with your tea, you can easily re-use the box!

Optional – personalized, handwritten note.   In the comments section at checkout, you’re able to include the details for a personalized note.  This can include a little note, or, if you’re organizing a group, the details for a date and time of your virtual tea party.  Each note is handwritten on crafted cotton rag paper with delicate deckled edging.

I fully enjoyed the tea box that was sent to me and I can only imagine how much fun it would be to have a virtual tea party with your friends and family – such a sweet idea! I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the teas and treats and I’m looking forward to re-using the beautiful wooden box as storage for some family heirlooms.

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Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.