Our 9 Month Favorites

Our 9 Month Favorites

Editor’s Note: I was kindly sent some products featured in this post – all are designated with “c/o” – in exchange for writing about them but all editorial and opinions are my own. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that Classic Bride is able to stay up and running! 

Time just keeps whipping by and it’s making my head spin thinking that Winston will be turning a whole year in just a few short months! I thought I’d pop in and share a few things we’re really enjoying at this 9-10 month stage!

1 | Super soft nursery rug

We spend quite a bit of time in Winston’s nursery so we wanted to get a super soft rug to place on top of his big area rug. Since he started cruising and standing around 8 months, I felt like it was that much more important to have extra padding for those inevitable slips and falls. We chose the Clouds Vintage Blue rug (c/o) by Lorena Canals rug and it has been such a great addition! We placed it right in front of Winston’s crib and he loves “reading” his books (well, turning the pages) and playing with his stuffed animals on it. J&I love how easy it is to clean – it’s machine washable!

2 | Monogrammed onesie

Onesies have become our go-to clothing staple around here. They’re stupid easy to put on and take off and in the summer months, it’s all W really needs anyway. While they’re definitely our favorite type of baby clothing, they aren’t always the fanciest choice. That’s why I’m obsessed with his newest monogrammed onesie (c/o) by Elegant Goods. The added personalization makes an otherwise ho-hum onesie a totally special onesie. I’m in love! You can check out more from Elegant Goods via their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 🙂

3 | Alphabet sampler

My mom made this impeccable cross-stitched alphabet sampler for W and while I originally hung it in his dressing alcove because I felt it was too colorful and splashy for his blue-and-white room, I’ve since reconsidered. As the months have gone by, I’ve slowly started incorporating more color into W’s room so I decided to bring my mom’s sampler in, too, and I’m so glad I did. The cheery colors always put a smile on my face! Thanks, Mom!

4 | Handmade Xylophone

I read that the perfect toy to introduce around 9 months is a xylophone so you know I immediately started shopping for one! I wanted a wooden one made by hand for W and I found the perfect xylophone (c/o) from Kinderling Wood. Michael Hennessey, the shop proprietor, is a former musician and can custom make your xylophone in any scale as well as a variety of woods. I chose to go with a a dark brown walnut with an ash wood base tuned to C major and Winston loves it! It’s finished with a mixture of natural beeswax and jojoba oil so it’s super kid-friendly. While I don’t think Winston is quite ready to use the wooden mallet, he’s been having fun banging on the xylophone with his hands and some small kitchen utensils. Maybe we have a future drummer on our hands! 😉

5 | Teething toys

Winston cut his first two (bottom) teeth around the end of his 8th month and since there will obviously be lots more little teeth on the way, we decided to stock up on a good selection of teething toys. My favorite so far are these beauties from Peekaboo Chew. I love the pastel colors and the silicone teething necklace (c/o) (in dark mint) is a piece of jewelry I can actually wear for Winston to chew. The silicone pacifier clip (c/o) (in mint) is awesome because you can easily interchange silicone teething pendants rather than pacifiers. Winston is obsessed with the mint ice cream teether pendant (c/o) so much that sometimes we’ll just take it off and let him gnaw away. Maybe it’s a sign he’ll have a serious sweet tooth like his mama!

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.

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