Top 10 Classic Engagement Poses

Top 10 Classic Engagement Poses

Editor’s Note: Re-sharing this classic guide I put in the past – hope you enjoy!

If you’re engaged, chances are you have an engagement shoot coming up with your photographer. You may also have a bit of anxiety about the shoot … I mean, it’s not every day a professional photog follows you around like the paparazzi, amirite? To quell your nerves and (hopefully!) get you excited, I put together a little guide to 10 no-fail poses that will guarantee you avoid any weird faces, awkwardly-placed limbs, etc. because trust me, those things happen! But most importantly, just remember to relax – you’re with the love of your life so let that happiness shine and try to forget a photographer is even there! 😉

pose2POSE 1 | The Up Close, Closed Eye Kiss
This might feel really dramatic when you’re doing it in real life (and holding the pose for the photographer!) but as you can see, it looks sooooo sweet and impromptu. / See the full Long Island Sound engagement here. Image by Ilene Squires. 

pose3POSE 2 | The Closed-Eye Embrace/Kiss + Look at the Camera
Similar to the first pose with the closed-eye kiss but this includes an added embrace and has the female smiling radiantly at the camera. The result is utter fantasticness.  / See the full Nashville engagement here. Image by Chesley Summar Photography.

POSE 3 | Holding hands
This is a great beginning pose for your shoot because it’s kind of like wading in the shallow water of a pool before inching your way to the deep end. If you and your love aren’t heavy on PDA, your photographer will probably be directing you to kiss and embrace and hold hands for your entire shoot (and they’ll probably do that even if you have no problem making-out in public) and this pose is a great way to comfortably ease into all of that. / See the full Nantucket engagement here. Image by Rebecca Love Photography.

POSE 4 | Let’s hide behind this hat together!
This concept has the potential to get really cheesy so proceed with caution – only employ if you or your fiance are actually wearing a cool hat for your shoot (or part of the shoot). Don’t just bring props to bring props – make it meaningful. The reason it works so well in this image is because it feels authentic. The hat goes with the nautical vibe and makes complete sense aboard a sailboat which is why the image feels genuinely fun and playful.

POSE 5 | Laugh it Up!
Sit on those stairs and laugh like you just watched Bridesmaids for the first time. Voila! – an all-natural happy moment captured forever. / See the full preppy coastal engagement here. Image by Ais Portraits.

pose1POSE 6 | Playful Piggyback Ride
Again, this pose can easily tread into cheese-tastic territory so be careful! 😉 This pose isn’t right for every couple but for the right couple, it can be magic. I mean, clearly – just look at those two! / See the full preppy Harvard love shoot here. Image by Leslee Mitchell.

POSE 7 | The Up-Close, Nose-Touching Embrace
Basically canoodling to the extreme … but it creates an incredibly heartfelt image that you’ll probably have framed for years.

POSE 8 | Bring the pup along
If you have a photogenic pet, bring him or her along for the shoot! Dogs are obviously an easier choice than cats or bunnies, etc., but the presence of a loved pet will make your photos that much more personal. Seriously, how cute is this little family?! / See the full dog-walking engagement in Nantucket here. Image by Runaway Bride Nantucket.

POSE 9 | The Ring Shot
You don’t want to forget about the ring, do you? Make sure you have a fresh mani in a complementary color to your outfit and then leave it up to your photographer to capture your ring’s brilliance. / See the full preppy coastal engagement here. Image by Ais Portraits.POSE 10 | Va-va-voom kiss
Basically a surprise hug-and-kiss with a heaping dose of passion! / See the full Nantucket engagement here. Image by Rebecca Love Photography.

I hope these pretty poses have you excited for your engagement shoot! While you can rely on this blog post as a little cheat-sheet to achieving swoon-worthy poses, the best photos tend to come from authentic and spontaneous actions and emotions so my best advice is to just bring a positive attitude to the shoot and remember the reason you’re there – to document that beautiful love you feel for your soon-to-be spouse! Enjoy!



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