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Editor’s Note: Morgan is sharing her experience on Classic Bride blog as a bride-to-be (check out her fun archives here) as she plans her dream 2018 destination wedding in Charleston, SC! Watch for more fun posts in this series!

Hello! This is Morgan again, I recently shared details on choosing a venue and I am back to discuss tips for wedding dress shopping. This was one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning I have checked off my list so far.

Morgan’s Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Tip No. 1 | I would recommend picking the date and venue before going dress shopping. I leaned more towards a gown to match the venue and season. I picked a breathable fabric that will not be too hot in Charleston during the spring.

Tip No. 2 | Bring only those closest to you and people whose opinions you trust. I brought my Mother, Godmother, and all three of my bridesmaids. I then went back with just my Mom to discuss pricing, alterations, and logistics. I loved going in a second time to make sure the dress was still what I wanted and to discuss the details with less of an entourage.

My sweet bridesmaids at Modern Trousseau Nashville / Image provided by Morgan Wetherington

Tip No. 3 | Make it a weekend affair. Two of my three bridesmaids are from out of town, so we made dress shopping into a girls weekend. We had a fancy brunch in between appointments and stayed the night at a hotel downtown. It was fun for my bridesmaids to get to know each other better and for me to have all my favorite ladies together.

Tip No. 4 | I suggest only making two or three appointments in one day unless you are in from out of town. The whole experience can be overwhelming. Looking in the mirror for the first time while wearing a wedding gown created a range of emotions.

Thompson Hotel in Nashville where we stayed for the weekend / Image provided by Morgan Wetherington

Tip No. 5 | Do your hair and makeup. To get a full idea of how the dress will look on the big day, you want to make sure you look the part. Also, make sure to bring the correct undergarments for trying on dresses. I would call ahead and ask what the shop recommends bringing.

Tip No. 6 | Let your sales associate know your budget up front. Create a budget you are comfortable with before going shopping and do not try on dresses outside of that budget. Ask for an estimate on alterations, any shipping costs, and taxes so you get a full idea of the cost of the dress. Also, make sure your sales associate is aware of the date of your wedding to allow enough time for alterations and shipping.

My Maid of Honor and I at Brunch Between Appointments / Image provided by Morgan Wetherington

Tip No. 7 | Be flexible, try on several styles of dresses. Try not to get set on just one style. Dresses that you would not think look good on you might look amazing.

Tip No. 8 | Finally, give yourself a little grace. It is easy to look in the mirror and feel intimated by a size two sample dress that does not fit correctly. A wedding is a lot for one little dress to live up to, you may need to take a break or come back another weekend.



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  1. June 23, 2017 / 10:17 AM

    Excellent advise all 8 tips are exactly what we suggest to our brides. The process can be so overwhelming. Consider going custom and work with a professional to create your dream wedding dress. Tip number 9 choose the bridal salon to work with carefully.