Favorite Baby Essentials at 4 Months

Favorite Baby Essentials at 4 Months

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as I was kindly sent several complimentary products featured in this post – all are designated with “c/o” – in exchange for writing about them. All editorial and opinions are my own.

It’s crazy how fast time has moved along since W joined us and how fast he’s growing and changing! At four months, he’s already outgrown his tiny little newborn outfits (sniff sniff!) … I remember him swimming in his newborn onesie we brought to the hospital for him to wear home. He was such a little peanut we had nothing that fit him well until about a month when he finally filled out a little bit. With so much constant change, I thought I’d share a few of our current baby favorites as well as a few things we’re excited to introduce to W in the coming months.

Since having W, J&I have realized it can be a serious challenge to keep from falling down the rabbit hole leading to a world of brightly colored plastic toys – they’re everywhere … and they’re not so pretty. That’s why I’m so happy that we discovered Melissa & Doug. This brand offers a beautiful selection of many wooden toys that are pleasing to both adult and baby eyes and they tend to be thoughtful and innovative. I had heard great things about how the Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy (c/o) helps babies learn to stand and walk and I really appreciate the classic and timeless look. The three charming alligators move up and down and chomp, chomp, chomp with every step your baby takes which encourages and inspires them to keep at it! And because frogs have quickly become W’s favorite animal, we couldn’t pass up the delightful Frolicking Frog Pull Toy (c/o) which “hops” up and down with wiggly eyes when pulled – so excited to see W’s eyes light up when he plays with this sweet little froggy!

We were beginning to collect quite a bit of memorabilia for W so I decided to start looking for a memory book to organize it all. I wasn’t super excited about the generic baby albums I kept coming across but then I discovered the most stunning custom monogrammed albums by AP Creations and knew I had found the perfect way to store W’s very first memories. I worked closely with Annie to choose the color of dupioni silk, monogram style and thread color and a few short weeks later, W’s custom baby album (c/o) showed up at our doorstep. I couldn’t love it more if I tried and as we keep adding in memories, it makes me so excited for the day when W will get to look through it with us and ask us loads of questions while looking back at his first ultrasound and footprints and photos. ps. AP Creations also makes wedding albums!!

I could have been told a million times that holding this little bundle of joy would melt my heart into a puddle but nothing could have prepared my husband and myself for the way our hearts just burst with love and pride and fierce protection for this little angel who God has entrusted to us:

Looking forward to dressing W up in this cute Simple Sailor Shortall Set from Little Me (c/o) in the spring. It will be perfect for our next trip up to Maine.

Those feet! Kissing them is just the best.

Nursing has had a few ups and downs but this Cotton Candy Sleep & Yoga Nursing Bra by Cake Lingerie (c/o) has proven to be a game changer and I’m in love! It feels feminine with the touches of soft pink, it’s supportive in all the right ways, and the nude color makes it invisible under clothing. Win, win, win!

When we originally designed the nursery, I propped a floor length mirror that I had picked up flea marketing in Belgium on the changing table (you can see it in our nursery reveal post) and while I think it looked beautiful, it wasn’t very secure and didn’t feel very safe. Once we brought W home and started using the changing table, we immediately took the mirror down because we were too worried about it falling and possibly hurting him. Boy, did that wall look bare without the mirror. I started looking for replacement mirrors and had a tough time finding anything I liked … and then I thought how pretty a wicker mirror could be. I searched Etsy and found this beautiful mirror (c/o) in Chelsea DePetro’s delightful shop, Modern Home Eclectic. Chelsea has the prettiest things in her shop – definitely give it a peek and for a preview of what she’s about to stock, check out her Instagram @ladydepetro! I’m thinking about painting the mirror white but the natural rattan is starting to grow on me – any thoughts?

At our last pediatrician visit, the doctor told us that we would start feeding W solids in two months. I can hardly believe that’s just around the corner so we decided to be prepared and started looking at high chairs. Like shopping for anything in baby world, it’s an overwhelming task as there are so many brands, styles and options available. While we considered a few brands, we kept coming back to the Joovy Foodoo (c/o) because we loved how the tray easily comes out and detaches for easy clean-ups and the seat’s height is adjustable so we can use it in the kitchen, at the dining room table or we can lower it and use it in the living room or nursery. Oh, and the seat is made from an awesome leatherette material which will make clean-ups quick! The versatility definitely won us over on this high chair.

We also chose to pick out a play yard for W and I wish we had done this months ago because it’s been wonderful to have! We set the Joovy New Room (c/o) up in our office/movie room and I love how it’s become a second changing table for us (the changing table can flip to the side so it’s out of the way) and the side storage compartment is big enough to hold a ton of diapers and wipes. W enjoys playing with his favorite toys in the play yard while I work and I adore that I can see what he’s up to because of the mesh:

Styling and photography by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.