Elegant Farm Wedding in Kentucky

Elegant Farm Wedding in Kentucky

Camille and Austin wed in late summer on the bride’s family’s beautiful farm, Three Fields Farm in Versailles, Ky., and where one of Camille’s sisters also wed. The couple planned an elegant affair with the help of wedding planner Shelley Fortune and Hide and Seek Design florals. / Images by Melanie Mauer.015 011


Special Moment? When I was walking down the aisle, I kept stepping on the front my dress. I started to panic as I imagined that everyone could see it since all eyes were on me. My dad kept trying to get me to slow down. Just before we got to the chairs (the actual aisle), he said to me, and it’s something I hope I never forget as it truly was so special and sweet – ‘Camille, slow down. You only get to walk down this aisle once in your life. Take your time and enjoy it!’ Even typing it, it still brings tears to my eyes because it was so special and is so true!


102Camille & Austin’s Love Story | Austin and I actually met in high school and were friends throughout. Sparks didn’t fly until years later (6 years to be exact!) when I very randomly received a Facebook message from him asking me to go to a wedding with him. My jaw literally dropped because it was COMPLETELY out of the blue – although we both attended UK, we didn’t stay in touch after high school. Luckily, I didn’t have any plans for the upcoming weekend and agreed to be his date. I recommended that we get dinner before the wedding, to catch up, and we were the first ones seated for dinner at a restaurant, and the last to leave. The next day, my best friend came over to my apartment and I specifically remember saying to her that I thought ‘This was it – he’s the one!’ During that dinner, something clicked for me that had never clicked before. Up to that point, I had always thought the saying, ‘You’ll know when you know’ was so cliche, but I knew in that moment that it was true. It was also true, for me, that it was when I least expected it and with someone that I never would have expected! We’d known each other for 9 years and never once before then was there anything romantic between us. We went to the wedding that weekend and the rest is history! Austin proposed on a special Christmas trip to NYC. We were staying at the Waldorf (which should’ve been a giveaway that it was going to be a ‘special’ trip, but I didn’t catch that one…) and he surprised me with room service for breakfast and I lifted the silver dome on the plate and there was the ring on a plate with ‘Will you marry me?’ written in chocolate. The funniest part was that I just looked at him and he just had a huge smile on his face! He got down on one knee and asked and I said yes! 166 342 355Our dinner was truly spectacular – food and atmosphere! It was once we were all seated for dinner and the reception was in full swing that I looked around and was truly so unbelievably happy with how my vision and dream had turned out! Having experienced three older sisters’ weddings, I knew that something always goes wrong, so I never expected that my wedding would truly turn out to be not only everything I wanted, but more, but it absolutely was! And it was in that moment – sitting and looking around – that I realized that. I’d worked so hard the months leading up to the wedding on this moment – dinner in the barn – and it was better than I ever imagined it could be! The temperature was perfect, the breeze even better, the atmosphere truly lovely, the food so delicious, and in the moment to look around and see all of that and also the smiles on all of our guests’ faces, wow! Such a wonderful and unforgettable moment! 406

201 299202 Camille’s advice: Choose your dress pretty early in the planning process – it really sets the tone for your wedding! Don’t try to force all of the details too soon – no matter how hard you try, some details just won’t come together until that last stretch. If you let everything progress naturally, from one step to the next, your wedding will be more cohesive. Have a long aisle/walk! Don’t shorten that wonderful one-of-a-kind moment!

Credits: Photography: Melanie Mauer | Venue: Three Fields Farm, Versailles, Ky. | Getting ready pre-ceremony: Storybook Inn, Versailles, Ky. | Planner: Shelley Fortune | Florist:  Hide and Seek Design | Cake: Martine’s Pastries | Caterer: Apiary | Make-up & Hair: Pink Loulou Design Studio | Bridesmaids Dresses: Twirl | Rentals: Purdon’s & Bryant’s Rent-all | Band: The Downtown Band