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Charming Southern Wedding on a Tennis Court

Andréa and Corbin tied the knot on the tennis court of Corbin’s family home, a very special place as the couple had their first date at a tennis match, and afterward a first kiss. Their wedding was filled with beautiful details inspired by their journey as a couple that were brought to life with the talent of One Fine Day planning and florals by Patrick Howard/ Images by Melanie Mauer.

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411Says the bride, “Our ceremony was in the backyard, specifically and unconventionally on the tennis court of Corbin’s family home. The tennis court was a special place because Corbin and I had our first date at a tennis match, and afterward we had our first kiss. It was special because we both loved and played tennis growing up. It was a very quiet and private place, nestled in a corner of the backyard, and surrounded by woods. Corbin’s mother calls it a ‘bird sanctuary,’ because at dusk in the spring you can hear a bird chorus singing. When planning the wedding, everyone advised against using the tennis court. We were warned that it was too difficult to walk to, especially for elderly grandparents and guests in high heels. For us, it was very special place and the extra work that was required to make it happen was well worth it. The ceremony itself was infused with the memories of all the things that had brought Corbin and I together under that Chuppah. It was more than anything that we could have ever dreamed of.465 499Corbin and Andréa’s Love Story | Corbin met Andréa at a chess tournament in 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Corbin says ‘she checkmated me.’ Andréa says ‘he gave me advice about psychology courses, but I was an English Major.’ Andréa went away for a life-altering year of study abroad in the southwest countryside of Devon, England. Corbin followed Andréa’s travel blog (while preparing to apply to medical school), vicariously jaunting around London, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Paris. They reunited in the cozy upstairs of a coffee shop during her winter break. Andréa went back to England thinking of Corbin. He continued to study for the MCAT. That summer, they met up again. He took the MCAT in August and that night invited her to a tennis tournament match. Sitting under the centre court lights together was pretty thrilling and that night he kissed her under the stars. The next year as he rushed to the airport, he jumped out of his cab and placed a lock on a bridge in Paris. He sent her a photo from the pont, of a yellow love lock with red poppies and on which he had written ‘Andrea,’ ‘Corbin and ‘Paris.’ He texted her, ‘I love you and now all of Paris knows it.’ This past spring he proposed over a moveable feast in Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. She said yes. 243 564 554



363There were so many favorite moments. I loved, loved, loved the cake cutting. I loved that we were so relaxed, the ceremony was over, the speeches had ended and all that was left was dancing! We chose to cut the cake privately. Corbin had been joking all week he was going to get the cake all over my face when we fed a little to each other. When the moment arrived he did icing everywhere… and I loved it! Also, our cake was delicious!!! The cake was an orange butter cake with strawberries from Maribelle Cakery in Cincinnati. 359

I also loved, and I never thought I would say this, but I loved when Corbin and I gave our thank you speeches and toasts to the people that made our wedding happen so beautifully – our families. I’m terrible and terrified of getting on any stage and speaking publicly, but that night with Corbin by my side and looking out into the crowd we saw all of our closest family and friends together under that gorgeous tent, with their sparkly champagne glasses and teary eyes and warm smiles. It was the best view in the room.

731 558 521 591 548Advice? Corbin and I both learned so much during this process, where to even begin? Advice I learned from my new mother in law: A wedding is so much more than just getting married, or just throwing a party. It brings friends and family together like nothing else. So all the little details and all the extra steps you take during the planning stage that seem stressful and unnecessary, the details matter. They matter because they set the tone for the day that binds you, your family, your husband, your husband’s family and all of your friends for forever. 365 Credits: Photography: Melanie Mauer | Wedding Planner: One Fine Day | Catering: Cooper at the Apiary | Flowers: Patrick Howard | Tent: All Occasions | Dress: Sarah Seven | Makeup: Timothy A’s Spa | Hair: Pamela Delagrange | Suits: Romauldo in Madeira


  1. Oh Sarah!!! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely day with the world! Your post helps even *me* relive it. From top to bottom, this day felt set apart from all the others as a sacred space for two amazing souls to come together. It was a privilege to share it with them and have such great company in the process of doing it.

    warmly, -melanie-

    • You are so welcome, Melanie! xo

  2. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    This is amazing! My belly is growling just looking at all the yummy food!

  3. Kristin Ciavarelli Kristin Ciavarelli

    Hello! I would love to know who makes the wallpaper on the staircase.


    • I’ll look into that for you, Kristin!

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