DIY Flowering Champs Drying Rack Tutorial

DIY Flowering Champs Drying Rack Tutorial

Editor’s Note: I’m re-sharing this fun tutorial and the beautiful French drying rack that is featured is for sale! This post is sponsored by Fifty Flowers as I was sent complimentary flowers by the company in exchange for writing blog posts. All editorial and opinions are my own.

It’s Floral How-To Week on CBB (where I’ll be sharing a week’s worth of floral tutorials, tips, tricks + more thanks to who provided some truly beautiful blooms). Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for a flowering champs drying rack! And I’ve just got to say, it’s a pretty magical thing! 😉 First, let me explain what a champagne drying rack is (in case you’re scratching your head). Here it is, unflowered:


As you can see, it’s a metal rack with lots of spikes which are intended to hold bottles so they can dry. These charming vintage French racks are known affectionately as hedgehogs in France because of the spikes. They were originally used around the 1930s in bistros and cafes to dry wine and champagne bottles. I found this cutie at the market in Metz, France, and couldn’t pass it by. While many people use them today to hang coffee cups or ribbon spools, I love the idea of incorporating them in weddings. It would make a great artsy/industrial chandelier over a long table or it could be a great way to hang escort cards. Or, as you’re going to see in this post, it could also make a fabulous flowering tower. I was inspired to make the flower tower by the croquembouche (Check out an example from this French wedding – it’s the gorgeous macaron tower with sparklers!).

With that in mind, here’s what I created with the pretty white peonies I had:


THE HOW-TO | This was honestly so easy, I feel silly even explaining it. All I did was take peony stems and place them length-wise along the rows. I just kept adding stems to fill in the empty spots. I let the stem portion extend toward the back of the rack to hide the stems and showcase the blooms. Since I wanted to use the flowers in more projects, I didn’t cut the stems but you could certainly do that to make the tower look like it was blooming from all directions – just tuck the short stems in toward the middle of the rack.


And the HOW-TO-USE | I think this flowering champs rack would be stunning as a table centerpiece at a wedding or event! It could also be used at the altar, the guestbook table, welcoming table, you name it! It’s a showstopper and would add beauty almost anywhere.

DSC_0205 And if you’re really in love with the champs drying rack, you’re in luck! This beauty is FOR SALE! Just message me at sarah(at) for details.

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.

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