There’s Going to be a Classic Baby!

There’s Going to be a Classic Baby!


That’s right! Not only are we moving to Boston in a week but we have a little one on the way, too! I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant and while our doctor was able to determine the gender of our baby, we decided not to find out just yet because we’re going to reveal the answer at our baby shower on June 5th with our dear church family! J&I will slice into the cake to reveal either pink or blue filling! We’re so excited to share that special moment with our friends and while I’m usually not one for surprises, I’m really enjoying this time of anticipation.

I’m looking forward to sharing a bit here and there on CB about the pregnancy, the nursery, the planning, etc., and I hope you’ll enjoy following along! Cheers to babies! xx.

Image by Sarah Darcy, on self-timer. 

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