DIY Glittered Skeleton Key Necklaces

DIY Glittered Skeleton Key Necklaces

Editor’s Note: Since this is one of my favorite Valentine’s tutorials, I pulled it from the archives just in time for you to whip up a few necklaces for your favorite friends this weekend!

When I hold a skeleton key, I’m always taken right back to the wonderful moments of arriving at my great-grandmother’s back porch entrance and using her long, spindly key to open the creaky door … the glass doorknob had been in the sun so long it had turned a beautiful shade of violet. Time always seemed to slow down during our visits to her world … we would pick peaches and strawberries and make home-made icecream on her side porch. I remember swinging on her front porch, watching fireworks on the Fourth and catching fireflies only to have them escape inside the house and seeing their magical lights flickering throughout the house all night long. Skeleton keys make all of those wonderful memories come flooding back into my mind and I know that is why I find them to be so beautiful.

So when the idea of glittering skeleton keys (and turning them into necklaces) popped in my head, I decided to try it out and create a tutorial! With Valentine’s right around the corner, I think this would be a sweet gift for friends and/or bridesmaids! They’d also make quite heart-felt gifts to moms and flower girls.



– Skeleton key(s) or any charming vintage key(s)
– Glitter – I used Martha Stewart glitter (smokey quartz color)
– Clear nail polish
– Tissue/paper towel
– Ribbon or chain for necklace



1 | Choose the color of glitter. If you are making these for your bridesmaids, you might want to choose a color that coordinates with your wedding palette – you could ask your ‘maids to wear them for your rehearsal dinner.

2 | Lay your paper towel/tissue down on a flat surface where you will be working. Apply the clear nail polish to the portion of your key that you want glittered. I chose to glitter the top portion but it would also be pretty to just glitter the bottom portion or the entire key.

3 | Before the polish dries, gently tap your glitter on the polished part. Let one side dry and then repeat the polish and glitter on the opposite side. Alternatively, you can do both sides at once and let the key dry in a ‘puddle’ of glitter which will disallow the key from sticking to your paper towel.

4 | Let dry and then re-apply a coat of polish to secure the glitter in place. Prop the key so it stands upright so that the glitter/polish won’t stick to anything.

5 | Now just loop the key through a ribbon (I love velvet!), gold link chain, pearls or whatever your heart desires and voila! You have a glittered skeleton key necklace!

Note: To avoid getting glitter on your nail polish wand, you could use a small paint brush!

DSC_0309DSC_0316DSC_0319Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.

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