Cozy Chic Boston Engagement at MIT

Cozy Chic Boston Engagement at MIT

Cecily and Lionel met and fell in love during their college days at MIT together and because of their strong connection to the campus, they decided to return for their engagement photos. To honor Cecily’s Indian heritage, the couple wore traditional Indian clothing for part of the day. They later explored the city of Boston by visiting a few historic sites like Acorn Street, the harbor and the¬†Massachusetts Avenue bridge.¬†/ Images by Ais Portraits.


Says Cecily,“Lionel and I met while undergraduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was an aerospace engineer, and I was studying neuroscience. We were star-crossed lovers from the very start, as I was raised in a strict Indian household and he a loud Puerto Rican family. But after our first date on the ice skating rink ended with me in the hospital after he accidentally skated over my hand, we were fated to be together. He had left a permanent mark on my hand and ultimately my heart. “






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