The Preppy Guide to Fall Honeymoon Packing

Have you thought about your honeymoon – Where you’ll go? When you’ll go? What you’ll pack? If not, you’re in serious luck because all this week I’ll be sharing honeymoon guides by season for the preppy bride. In each guide, I’ll share my personal preppy packing essentials along with my favorite seasonal destinations. I thought we’d start the series out with a FALL guide since we’re currently ushering in this glorious season. The air is turning cool and crisp here, the leaves are just starting to fall and I can’t wait to bring out my Bean Boots and scarves. Since autumn is my favorite season, I think it’s a perfect time for a honeymoon so here are my ideas to make it perfectly preppy:


Favorite Destinations for a Fall Honeymoon

Weather can vary greatly depending on where you’re headed so before we start packing those bags, let’s chat about a few locales that would be ideal for a fall honeymoon …

  • New England. You guys know I have a soft spot for the northeast and I honestly can’t think of a more perfect place for a fall honeymoon. The leaf peeping would be optimal, the crowds from summer vacations would have waned and you’d have yourselves an idyllic romp through what I consider the most picture-perfect of lands. Check out my travel guide to New England, Nantucket and my guide to Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Jackson Hole. I haven’t been to JH yet but it’s on my list. From my research, September is an ideal month to visit as the temps are just starting to dip into the chilly zones. I would opt for a glamping excursion, lots of s’mores roasting and renting a jeep to peep some wildlife and admire the geysers in the nearby parks.
  • Ireland. I visited Ireland in March and we were freeeezing so I’d recommend going as early as you could in the fall (September?) so temps will still be comfortable. I love the idea of renting a cottage and making little daytrips to castles and cliffs. Check out my travel guide to Ireland here.
  • Road trip through France. Aside from New England, France is one place that will always have my heart. The road trips I took with J through France are some of my favorite vacations … the scenery never disappoints … from the vineyards to the coasts to the country to the castles, that land must have been painted by an artist. If you’re not sure where to explore, check out my France travel tab – you can read up on where I’ve been and what looks good to you.
  • San Francisco. I visited SF a few years ago in October and the weather was amazing (although a little windy). Check out my guide to SF here.


Preppy Packing Essentials for a FALL Honeymoon

  • Bean boots – because nothing says Fall like bean boots.
  • Sunglasses  – always!
  • Scarves – the perfect layering device for finicky Fall weather. I like to mix it up and add some vintage fur in the mix, too – like the silvery skinny scarf pictured – and it’s for sale. Details below.
  • Journal – there are going to be moments you’re going to want to record. I love keeping travel journals because those silly little things that happen that you write down but never remember are so much fun to read years later. And make sure to include where you went (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and what you did for future reference.
  • Pearls – duh.
  • Passport cover – if you’re going international, you might as well dress it up.
  • Nail polish – I once thought I’d give the “packing lightly” idea a go. I got a manicure and we headed to Italy to catch a Mediterranean cruise. By the time I was on the ship, my nails had hideous chips and because I packed light, I hadn’t brought any nail polish or remover. Chippy nails are no fun so learn from my mistake and pack your polish … or just go natural.
  • Camera. I know you probably have your iPhone but sometimes it’s nice to bring a “real” camera along, too. Whether it’s a DSLR, a polaroid or a vintage cam – it’s always nice to have a good mix of images to remember your travels.
  • Snakeskin clutch/purse. I love the autumnal shades of the snakeskin clutch pictured and always bring it out when the weather starts changing.



Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog. Custom illustration by Michelle Mospens for Mospens Studio.