10 Wedding Poses You Need With Your Groom

10 Wedding Poses You Need With Your Groom

Editor’s Note: Re-sharing this fun post today!

I decided to put together a guide to the TOP 10 WEDDING POSES you need with your groom:

lacie16-600x398Pose 1 | The Windswept Embrace

Isn’t it amazing what a little breeze will do? With just a little movement to the bride’s hair and tulle skirt, this photo is en fuego! / See the full elegant Maui wedding. Image by Lacie Hansen.

LM_kathanafin_271_RTPose 2 | Be a Celebrity

Yep, just kiss while everyone’s being instructed to gawk and giggle. It will probably feel silly but how cute is this photo?! The viewer’s attention zooms in on the couple and the image feels like it’s from the movies. / See the full preppy New England wedding. Image by Kat Hanafin.

Pose 3 | The Close-up Kiss/Embrace

Even though weddings can feel a little chaotic at times, it’s important to steal a few moments away from the party to relish those feelings of being JUST married with your husband (and, ahem, photographer).

54_Stephanie-amp-Zachary-Married-00471Pose 4 | The Ceremony Kiss

This one isn’t too hard to remember – your officiant will remind you if you forget. 😉 But make sure you hold the kiss for more than a quick second so your photographer can be sure to get at least a shot or two of the moment. Don’t be afraid to put a little passion into it – touch his face, pull her in close – you’re married! Don’t be bashful – celebrate it! / See the full Chic Summer Hamptons wedding. Image by Trent Bailey Photography.

NantucketWedding-ZofiaCo-32-600x902Pose 5 | Hey, We’re MARRIED!

This is that moment when you and your groom turn around to walk down the aisle. These often tend to be my favorite shots … the couple is high on happiness and emotions are at a peak. The best shots are those that capture that true emotion, whether the couple is beaming at one another or the bride is pumping her bouquet in the air. / See the full classic Nantucket wedding. Image by Zofia & Co.

NantucketWedding-ZofiaCo-34-600x399Pose 6 | The Rice Throwing (Etc.) Moment

Right after your receiving line (if you have one) is a great moment to have your guests throw rice, petals, blow bubbles, wave wands, etc., as you and your *husband* make your way to the reception. / See the full classic Nantucket wedding. Image by Zofia & Co.

Bottini0354Pose 7 | The Ceremony Exit

If you’re taking transportation to your reception, have your photographer sneak a peek inside the car for an intimate shot. / See the full charming Nantucket wedding. Image by Brea McDonald Photography.

Pose 8 | The Sneak-A-Kiss Shot

Pretty self-explanatory. Just ask your photographer to stalk out those secret smooches. 

0218-600x900Pose 9 | The Location Shot

This is a shot that shows WHERE you two got hitched … it’s a photo of you guys making out but also the place that you felt was important enough to say your vows … whether it’s the city, the beach, the country … take a few shots that show off that special place. / See the full NYC Gramercy Park Hotel wedding. Image by Leigh Miller Photography

NantucketWedding-ZofiaCo-42-600x902Pose 10 | The Portrait

While this may seem like a no-brainer to include, it can sometimes be overlooked. So make sure you get a few classic portraits in the mix. / See the full classic Nantucket wedding. Image by Zofia & Co.

I hope these pretty photos have you excited for your big day and help to ensure you receive a great mix of shots from your wedding!