Charming Pippin Hill Farm Wedding in Virginia

Charming Pippin Hill Farm Wedding in Virginia

As I announced back in June, J&I are headed to Charlottesville, Va., soon – we’re currently hanging out with our movers in our San Antonio loft – but we’ll be in Virginia by the end of the month (yay!). So I’m super excited to share a wedding today at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard in beautiful Charlottesville! Kelly and Bobby created a fresh and natural look with the help of Southern Blooms to create a timelessly Southern farm wedding. / Images by Josh Gruetzmacher.

001-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 007-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacherSays Kelly, “We were inspired by the natural beauty of our venue, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. We wanted to compliment the space in every way by going for an overall fresh and natural look. We felt that this also mirrored our relationship together and how natural we’ve always felt as a couple.

006-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher025-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 021-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher044-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher013-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 009-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 026-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 022-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 076-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 068-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacherWe focused on choosing elements that reflected our personalities and our everyday life. If something wasn’t what we would put in our home, then we wouldn’t include it in our wedding. We took advice from family and friends but made all of the major decisions together. We included special details to pay homage to each of our families and really attached meaning to every aspect of the day and the décor.

066-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 086-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher064-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher072-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 084-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher077-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 067-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 103-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher058-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 079-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 107-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher099-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 104-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 112-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 102-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 113-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 054-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 055-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 133-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher117-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 162-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 150-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher146-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 175-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher118-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 140-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 163-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 141-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 131-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 120-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 045-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 135-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 177-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher137-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacher 179-pippin-hill-wedding-joshgruetzmacherAt the very end of the night, we asked our band to play a song that both reminded us of the very beginning of our relationship, almost 8 years ago. Hearing it on our wedding night and being able to dance together knowing how things had come full circle, was very special to us. Although there were many people still around at that point we both felt like we were the only ones in the room.”

Kelly leaves us with some advice: “Our advice would be to take your time and really focus on the details even if you think they are things no one else will notice. The small things that our closest family and friends mentioned to us were the most heartwarming. At the end of the day, what matters most is the marriage not the wedding!”

Credits: Photography: Josh Gruetzmacher / Venue: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard / Floral design: Southern Blooms / Wedding dress: Sarah Seven / Bride’s shoes: BCBG / Bridesmaid dresses: Miscellaneous designers, girls chose their own / Hair + makeup: Ave 42 / Groom’s attire: Jean Yves Grey Savoy Slim Fit Tuxedo / Invitations & paper goods: Ruffled Ink Designs / Catering: Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards / Cake: Albemarle Baking Co / Music: Perfect Harmony Strings (Ceremony) & Sound Nation (Reception)


  1. July 3, 2015 / 4:43 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous wedding–and I love seeing Josh’s work featured on your blog!

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