Elegant Wedding in Maui, Hawaii

Elegant Wedding in Maui, Hawaii

Ileana and Bobby wanted to invite guests to an elegant and fun wedding so they decided to throw a Hawaiian wedding – the island on which they got engaged! The couple wed at the gorgeous Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii. And the day after the wedding, their photographer captured some stunning cliffside portraits of the couple. / Images by Lacie Hansen.


lacie7Says Ileana, “We got engaged in Hawaii and wanted to share the incredible time we had there with all of our close family and friends. Also, who wouldn’t want to vacation in Maui?! We got married at Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii. We wanted our wedding to be elegant and fun and Haiku Mill was the perfect setting for that! (and the only venue we looked at). 

I definitely think one of the most special touches from my wedding was the necklace I wore. My mother is a goldsmith and my uncle is a stone cutter. They worked together to design and make me the most spectacular necklace. It was gold and turquoise and just perfect for a Hawaiian wedding. I also wore my grandmother’s engagement ring, which is the ring my husband used when he proposed to me. My grandmother was my best friend and she had unfortunately passed away a few years earlier so it was extremely meaningful that a piece of her was with us that day.

I have worked as a bridal consultant for the past 5 years and have been fortunate enough to attend bridal market in New York. I was at the runway show for Anna Maier, the designer of my gown, and I saw this beautiful dress come down the runway. It was so striking, with such unusual lace and a gorgeous silhouette. I knew then it was going to be the dress I wore at my wedding! It’s not the traditional way of finding your gown but to me it was just as special as going in and trying it on at a store with my family and friends! I had it custom made and was fortunate enough to work directly with the designer which is such a rare, incredible opportunity.

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Ileana & Bobby’s Love Story
I actually don’t remember meeting Bobby at the party where he swears we first encountered one another. I remember meeting him a few weeks later, and I’ll never forget it. My friend Gaby wanted to go camping for her 18th birthday at Assateague Island, and my parents initially refused to let me go. After an hour or so of begging and promising to do ridiculous chores [washing my dad’s car … which he eventually made me do … and cleaning every room in the house … which I also probably did] they finally gave in and let me go. An hour later, I was packed and ready for our camping adventure. I jumped out of my mom’s car and caught a glance of Bobby, a cool, hipsteresque, art school college kid, sitting on the hood of our beach getaway car. Literally from the moment I saw him, I was in love. It was an indescribable feeling, like a shock just went straight through me. I was so taken by him from that glance, I couldn’t even speak or look at him. Our first, real encounter was about an hour later, when we pulled over to grab some snacks and drinks. He walked out of the Wawa and handed me a Nesquick [some sort of dare from our friend Paul – to this day, I still don’t know all of the details]. Little did he know, I drink Nesquick every morning for breakfast and have been since I was four so the joke was on him. From that moment on, he had my heart. Later that night, once on the island, I asked anyone if they wanted to go for a walk and look at the stars. He was the only one to volunteer. I’m not sure if that was rigged by our friends, but I’m glad it was just him, because we have been inseparable ever since – 13 years and counting …

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The mill is littered with gorgeous antiques from all over the world, found and brought in by Haiku Mill’s owner, Sylvia. We had an 18th century French chandelier hanging over the dance floor and our guest book was placed on a beautiful metal antique table. 

lacie15 lacie16Bobby’s favorite memory was actually the day after the wedding – Lacie, our photographer, found a stunning location on a cliff overlooking the ocean, where she wanted to shoot us. We didn’t have an opportunity to go there the day of the wedding so we met up with her the following afternoon. Bobby says it was such a freeing experience, no one was there interrupting our first day as husband and wife -we could just be ourselves, have fun, all of the stress from the wedding was gone. The best and our most favorite pictures of our wedding came from that next-day shoot.

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My favorite memory is probably a little strange to most – I remember someone telling me once that your wedding goes by so quickly – pick a time and just sit, look around, and soak it all in.  We had just sat down for dinner and I looked up to a beautiful view of oversized banana leaves with the sunset colors of the Hawaiian sky in the background. I just sat there listening to the joy and excitement in my guests voices, breathed in the incredible smell of dinner, felt the gentle touch of my new husband’s hand on mine. It was amazing and even though most of my wedding is already a blur, I will never forget that split second of pure, perfect happiness.”

lacie20 lacie21 lacie22Ileana leaves us with some wedding advice, “Don’t stress- which is, of course, easier said than done. Ironically, I was a wreck though most of my wedding planning even though it was what both my husband and I do for a living. It will all come together in the end – even if all of the details aren’t perfect, even if you have a bunch of hurdles to cross you, even if you’ve blown your budget. What matters the most is that you are marrying your best friend and soul mate and not that you have to fly table linens in from Chicago to Maui two days before your wedding because your order got messed up. :)”

Ileana and Bobby honeymooned in Hawaii. They were already in paradise so why leave? 😉

Credits: Venue: Haiku Mill | Photographer: Lacie Hansen | Wedding Planner: Stephanie Shepherd | Floral Deisgn + Linens: Amaryllis Designs | Invitations: Bride + Groom | Officiant: Pia Aluli |Rentals: Island Rentals | Tent: Maui Rents | Catering: Maui Executive Catering | Bartender: Bars R Us | DJ: Ace Beats | Wedding Dress: Anna Maier via Hitched Salon | Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale via Hitched Maids | Grooms Suit:Hugo Boss | Groomsmen Suits: J.Crew | Custom Jewelry: M.E.Trozzo, Inc, | Custom Cut Stones for Jewelry: Thomas A. Trozzo | Shoes: Caparros | Grooms Shoes: Cole Han | Transportation: Travel Plaza Transportation | Hair: Salon 253 (Aidel Sneary + Nicole Nadalin) | Make-Up: Maui Makeup Artistry, Liz Javelosa


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  1. Maui is such a great destination for a wedding and I love the warmth and intimacy of the setting at the mill! The coast offers some great photo opportunities as well.What a wonderful wedding!!