DIY: ‘Will You Be My Groomsman?’ Box

DIY: ‘Will You Be My Groomsman?’ Box

Yesterday I shared a tutorial on crafting a ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ box and today I thought I’d share my take on the boys’ side of things. I bet most potential groomsmen would be pretty thrilled to receive a thoughtfully curated box along with the honor of the request. So, I decided to put together a “model” box to share some fun ideas:


Here’s a quick breakdown of what I included in the box but keep scrolling as I have a few more creative ideas, as well…

1 | Beer. This is probably a no-fail inclusion for most guys – just make sure to include their favorite brew. To up the customization, attach a paper straw with washi tape. Granted, most will not sip their beer from a straw but it adds visual appeal!

2 | Vintage and/or decorative wine cork. I picked this hand-carved wooden wine cork up at a flea market in Germany and I love the whimsical face. I think it has the right masculine tones to be included.

3 | Alcohol! I’m not sure what it says about me that I crafted such an alcohol-heavy basket but it somehow seems to work. Anyway, I love the idea of getting some mini-bottles of your bud’s favorite liquor for the box.

4 | Vintage trophy (or the like). If you played sports together, it makes sense to include a nod to that in the basket. I love the preppy vibe of this little antique trophy but you could also include another sort of reference to your shared love of sport (pennants or mini-helmets, etc.).

5 | Flask. I am seriously obsessed with this sleek little flask and have brought it out on the town more than I care to admit. You can choose from several cheeky sayings to make more of a personal statement.

6 | French soaps. Because boys need to be clean and smell good, too! I’d recommend choosing a scent and color that isn’t too flowery but to each his own.

7 | Vintage book. I love the idea of making a vintage book with a fun cover and title the centerpiece of the basket. If you grew up playing football together, Flying Footballs would obviously be a perfect fit.

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.