SOLD | Black Smith-Corona Typewriter

SOLD | Black Smith-Corona Typewriter

I have another gorgeous black typewriter to share today – I found this beauty several years ago on an antiquing trip in Alabama with my Mom and Dad. When I spotted this gem, I immediately started envisioning a classic black-and-white fête complete with a baby grand piano, a bouquet of white anemones, all the boys in tails, and, of course, a black-and-white checkered ballroom floor. Wouldn’t this typewriter make an amazing guestbook at such a classic affair? Since I didn’t have this dreamy backdrop readily available for a photoshoot with my new Smith-Corona friend, I settled for doing a fun black, white and red styled shoot …

DSC_0670DSC_0673DSC_0693About the typewriter:
This is a gorgeously classic model that dates back to around the 1930s and remained a staple for many journalists for decades. The glossy keys are so deliciously retro and are one of my favorite details along with the delightful ring of the return bell. The typewriter comes with its original hard carrying case and has a cute handle that makes transporting a cinch.

The carrying case also comes with its original key which still works (and is shown below). There is a bit of rusting found on some of the metal portions of the typewriter and on the metal portions of the carrying case but I find that only adds to the overall charm! The typewriter measures approximately 11″ wide x 12″ deep x 5″ high.

Note: Most of the keys still work wonderfully however the “@/cent” key does not work and a few of the keys do stick: {T, U, period, question mark, asterisk and the 1/4 | 1/2 key}. A general repairman would probably be able to fix this quite easily. Also, the typewriter ribbon has dried out so it would need to be replaced with a fresh ribbon before use.

Price: $185.00 + shipping SOLD!
Even though this one sold, you can still peruse my full collection of vintage typewriters for sale here.

DSC_0668teDSC_0675 DSC_0681DSC_0671Below you can see the sweet carrying case that comes with the typewriter, complete with the original key that still works perfectly:


Bonus! Most all the props shown in this shoot are also for sale so if you see anything you’re keen on, just drop me a note at sarah[at] for pricing and shipping info. And check out my full collection of vintage typewriters for sale here.

Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.

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