Preppy Harvard Love Shoot

Preppy Harvard Love Shoot

Editor’s Note: Digging into the archives to share one of my favorite love shoots today!

I discovered photographer Leslee Mitchell‘s fabulous work one night when I was searching for 30A weddings. I’ve been obsessed with this little slice of Floridian paradise since I was six and my dad had a work conference in Seaside. And yes, that’s where J&I honeymooned, too. Leslee has captured some beyond gorge weddings in the 30A but when I laid eyes on her Harvard Love Shoot, it was just too much – I immediately tracked down her e-mail and may or may not have begged and pleaded with her to share this delicious shoot. Luckily, she obliged! ūüėČ


And what’s even cooler about this gorgeous love shoot is the story behind it that shows just how fantastic the web is at intertwining creative ideas +¬†lives. I just love it!¬†¬†Leslee says, “The short of it is, my French BFF (Elodie)¬†was in the States¬†and we were hanging out in Boston for a few days and we got the idea to put this shoot together.¬†We decided to split the shoot 50/50. Elodie picked out her cool spot in Boston for her leg of the shoot and I picked out mine, which was Harvard University. Next came finding some people to photograph. Neither one of us knew a soul in Boston, so I said, ‘hey it’s worth a shot….how about I post a casting call on my fan page and maybe we’ll get lucky … surely there’s some people on my page from Boston or who know people here.’ With nothing to lose, we did just that. And, that’s how we found Addie + Ricky. Turns out, Addie, a girl from Alabama, and already a fan on [my] fan page, happened to be visiting her boyfriend, Ricky, who was home in Boston on break. The pictures tell the rest of the story better than I could so I’ll leave it there. The web is what you make of it.”

leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0009 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0003
leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0006 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0004 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0008 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0005 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0007 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0011 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0012 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0010

Leslee also took the cute couple to a local hat shop in Boston for a few photos:

leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0014 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0016 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0013 leslee-mitchell-harvard-shoot-0015

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  1. October 26, 2013 / 12:55 PM

    Leslie is a gem and we are always impressed with her photography. Plus she has such an amazing sense of humor. Great work and great feature.

    • October 30, 2013 / 4:43 PM

      Hahaha! Thanks, Linda. You’re pretty funny yourself.

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