Classic Martha’s Vineyard Wedding

Classic Martha’s Vineyard Wedding

Lindsay and Dave live in NYC but their shared love of visiting the Vineyard led them to having an island wedding. They hosted a charming lobster bake welcome dinner for guests and then wed in Edgartown at The Federated Church. / Images by David Welch Photography.


Says the bride, “We chose [to have our wedding on] Martha’s Vineyard because we both absolutely loved visiting there. It’s an amazing blend of relaxed sophistication and uniqueness – Vineyard Vines meets fish shack. It’s not easy to get to so you really appreciate being on the island and the days blur together with a mix of sea air, sand, and seafood. It’s the perfect vacation place to recharge from our hectic lives in New York City. Plus, the thought of having a lobster bake Welcome Dinner for our guests sealed the deal.

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I had a true ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Moment – at Kleinfelds in New York, no less. I adamantly pushed away anything with lace, beading, sequins .. no frills. In my mind I could see a fuzzy image of myself in a wedding dress; but while some of the dresses I tried on were stunning, they weren’t quite right. As often happens, one of the associates pulled a completely different style and as soon as the dress was zipped up (head-to-toe lace!), the fuzzy mental image of my dress came into focus and I knew that was it. Thank goodness for the professionals!

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Martha’s Vineyard itself became the theme of the wedding – classic with hints of nautical New England, the iconic Lighthouse, sailing, old shipping captains’ houses with white picket fences, and massive blue hydrangea bushes. We were married in Edgartown at The Federated Church, a quaint historic steepled church that was founded in 1642.

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Lindsay + Dave’s Love Story
Dave and I met over drinks with friends. At the time, we had both recently moved to Dallas after graduating from college to start our first jobs. Being with Dave was electric and easy right away. We had a lot in common and connected very quickly. Two years later, our jobs took us to Manhattan and we fell in love with the City and each other all over. On a pristine snowy day in January, almost exactly 5 years after we met, Dave proposed on our favorite snow-covered lawn in Central Park with a spectacular view of downtown as the backdrop.

The bridal party rode back to the reception at The Winnetu Resort in an old wooden trolley. The tables at the reception were each named for a place on the Vineyard – Flying Horses Carousel, Black Dog Café, Tisbury and Oak Bluffs to name a few. Our wedding cake was made at the famous Martha’s Vineyard Bakery, best known for their secret Back Door Donuts. All things I love!


It was so important to us that our guests felt welcomed and loved Martha’s Vineyard as much as we did. The welcome bags included some essential snacks (Sofia Blanc de Blanc mini champagnes and my famous homemade Salted Blueberry-Almond Granola), and a ‘Guide to Martha’s Vineyard’ we created with our favorite restaurants and things to do. The table names, which were local places on the Vineyard, also had little facts about us like where we went to school and how we met.

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My favorite memory of the wedding was pausing for a moment at the reception and seeing every single person I love most in the world, from all phases of my life, in one room together; dancing, laughing, having a blast – it still makes my heart smile thinking about it. I didn’t want the night to end! Dave’s favorite memory is along the same lines but a different night: seeing our friends and family chow down at the lobster bake welcome dinner a few days before the wedding. Picnic tables, a campfire, and carrying on till the wee hours of the morning – what could be better?!

Lindsay leaves us with some planning advice: Everyone will have (mostly unwanted) opinions and your most important job is to conduct the chaos and stay present – not to get lost or overwhelmed.

Lindsay and Dave honeymooned in the British Virgin Islands.

Credits: Location: Katama; Florist: Lynda Dandeneau; DJ: Jeff Pratt; Transportation: Vineyard Limousine

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