Honeymoon Travel Guide: Ghent, Belgium

Honeymoon Travel Guide: Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, Belgium

Thought I’d share one of my favorite road trips with you today as I definitely think Ghent would be a grand stop for a European honeymoon.

Top Tips for Ghent:

Take a boat ride. Whether private or public, the boat rides give you a view of the city that you simply can’t get on foot. Sit back for a dreamy spell with your love and take a few photos.

Try the noses. Yummy cone-shaped (or nose-shaped) gummy candies that seem to be one of Ghent’s claims to fame. You’ll see carts parked around town selling them as well as in the candy shops. We tried licorice and cherry noses and they were the best noses I’d ever had.

Peek in the churches. We always do this when traveling but had a surprise when we stepped into a church in Ghent – there was a book sale going on! My husband’s a huge bookworm so he was pretty excited despite most of the books being non-English.

Wander. This is pretty much what we did all day – we wandered around and got lost. And enjoyed every (freezing) moment of it.

Photography by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.