SOLD | Classic Black (Tie) Typewriter

SOLD | Classic Black (Tie) Typewriter

I have another super chic typewriter for sale today! As you know, I just love seeing them featured in weddings (they’re perfect for writing love notes; serving as guestbooks; or creating a fun kids station.) Today I’m sharing one of my favorites that I scooped up while antiquing in Germany. The black and white glossy keys scream black tie to me but it would work equally well at almost any wedding as the classic color combo translates easily.

DSC_0951I found that little piece of paper with Eva’s info as I was taking the typewriter out of its case!

About the typewriter:
This is a gorgeous German Triumph Norm-6 Typewriter which features the beautiful blue Triumph shield on the upper-right corner. The shiny glass +chrome keys are in perfect condition. On the front of the typewriter just below the space bar it reads “Triumph Werke Nurnberg A.G. Nurnberg. It also has a small plaque above the number keys reading “Leo Goertz | Saarlautern | Telefon 2978.” I believe the plaque was put on by the shop which sold the typewriter. And the slip of paper shown in the photo above contains the info of the person I believe owned the typewriter – talk about history – this little machine has it! I was told by the vendor that the typewriter dates back to the mid-1930s. The serial number is 182188.

This deliciously retro typewriter is in excellent vintage condition and has no chips or cracks. The painted metal casing is a shiny black and is in pristine condition with the exception of a little rusting in the very front (seen in photos).  All keys are working but a few are sticking a bit – I think after a little bit of use they would probably work fine but if you’ll be looking to use this machine to type on a daily basis, you might want to have it conditioned by a repairman. The return bell lets out the most delightful ring. The typewriter comes with its original hard carrying cover/case (which shows a little wear) and has a cute leather handle that makes transporting a cinch. The typewriter measures approximately 10.5″ wide x 12.5″ deep x 4.5″ high.

Note: Because this is a German typewriter, the keys are in a different layout than American typewriters (called QWERTZ rather than QWERTY). However, all keys are fully functioning. Also, the typewriter ribbon has dried out a little bit so it will probably need to be replaced with a fresh universal ribbon to produce crisp letters. The current ribbon is still working but the ink is slowly fading.

Price: $248.00 + shipping SOLD!
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Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy.


  1. Travis
    January 4, 2017 / 5:33 PM

    Norm-6 typewriter: please quote shipping to 83835; thank you.

    • January 4, 2017 / 11:59 PM

      Hi Travis, Just shot you an e-mail! 🙂

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