FLORAL HOW-TO WEEK | DIY Peony Bouquet Tutorial

FLORAL HOW-TO WEEK | DIY Peony Bouquet Tutorial

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by Fifty Flowers as I was sent complimentary flowers by the company in exchange for writing blog posts. All editorial and opinions are my own.

I’m so excited to debut Floral How-To Week! Starting today, I’ll be sharing a week’s worth of floral tutorials, tips, tricks + more thanks to FiftyFlowers.com who provided some truly beautiful blooms which I had so much fun styling. Today, I’m sharing a tutorial for a super simple (but stunning!) peony bouquet!

I ordered the white peonies and the dark green textured filler flower pack for this project.

Step One | The flowers were delivered in boxes so after carefully unpacking them (and reading the directions), I cut every single stem (about an inch and a half) with a sharp pair of scissors and immediately placed each stem in water.

Note: The peonies were very tight and took about 2 days to start opening. After a week, most had all fully bloomed but there were still about 8 stems that were tight. So I would definitely recommend ordering a few extra as well as ordering the peonies a few days before your event.

DSC_0977 DSC_0978

Step Two | Once several of the peonies opened, I placed two hand towels on the table (to collect any water drops – it’s antique wood, y’all!) and then placed the stems side-by-side to judge the length. I cut the stems down so each measured approximately 12 inches (but this is completely subjective – cut them however long or short you want!). I also took a few stems of the white bouvardia from the filler flower pack I had ordered and cut them to size.

Step Three | I ‘bunched’ the 5 peony stems together and then used the white bouvardia to sprinkle around the edges. I secured the bouquet with two rubber bands so everything would stay in place.

DSC_0980 DSC_0990

Step Four | To hide the rubber bands, I grabbed my Mason jar of ribbons and chose a preppy navy-and-white polka dot grosgrain ribbon. I placed the ribbon flat on the table underneath the bouquet with an even amount of ribbon on either side of the flower stems. Then I criss-crossed the ribbon and wrapped it until the rubber bands were hidden. I took the rest of the ribbon and brought it together in the front and tied a simple knot.

Step Five | To give the wrapped ribbon a bit more personality, I love attaching vintage brooches. I thought my pearl-and-rhinestone bug was just perfect for this pretty bouquet.

 Photography and styling by Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride blog.