NYC Central Park Elopement {in a killer black Gucci ensemble}

NYC Central Park Elopement {in a killer black Gucci ensemble}

Talitha and Ben are two cute Aussies who decided to stop planning a conventional wedding and instead elope in NYC. My favorite detail is how Talitha {who, btw, is a Channel 7 reporter in Sydney, Australia!} found her wedding ensemble – on their first day in NYC on a shopping trip to Gucci. Talk about effortless chic. / Photos by Farnaz K Studio.

Says Talitha, “Ben and I were introduced by a mutual friend. I was an hour and a half late for our first date because of work, but we got along instantly. Our relationship progressed very quickly from there and within five months we were engaged! We were planning a wedding on Hamilton Island and the organizing became too much! So we both love New York and decided to elope and marry in a simple ceremony.

We chose Bow Bridge in Central Park. It’s near the Boathouse and is a truly beautiful setting with row boats and beautiful trees. We wanted a special place we could revisit each couple of years. 

My dearest friend, Cath lives in New York and was our witness. It was really special to have her there. Ben and I got ready together on the day and drove to Central Park together. We did it how we wanted to do it, not necessarily following how it’s ‘meant’ to be done!

My favourite part of the day was the actual ceremony. We had a really warm and caring celebrant who made it very special. I loved standing in that beautiful setting and marrying the man I love so much. By the end of the ceremony, a large crowd had gathered around us and they cheered! It was amazing. 

For my dress, I had been through so many stores in Sydney and couldn’t find any I liked. I wasn’t tied to the idea of white. So I took the risk and thought I’d try my luck in New York! On the first day we were there, I walked into Gucci and picked up a beautifully detailed blouse and velvet skirt. It was black, but I loved it, so I bought it. I figured nothing about the day was really traditional, so why not! The hard part was actually finding the red shoes.

Our memories were beautifully captured by our incredible photographer – Farnaz K. Her fashion background and creative work ensured our photos were different to standard wedding photos – they look like a fashion shoot! We couldn’t be happier with them.”

Thanks so much to Talitha and Ben for sharing their day and to Farnaz K for sharing these gorge photos. Talitha leaves us with some imparting advice: “The advice I’d give for anyone is to do what you want to do! So many people get caught up in guest lists, what their families want and how they think things ‘should’ be done. But truly following your heart and marrying the way you want to makes it really enjoyable, stress free and special. Oh, and I highly recommend eloping!”

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