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Honeymoon Travel Guide: Venice, Italy

Entry No. 34: Venice, Italy


Venice. Have you been? This trip marked my second visit for me and it’s unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. A mix of fairytale beauty, crowded squares, cooing pigeons and magically still canals. And, as many honeymooners will attest, a romantic city to the core. I think Venice would be a fantastic blip for a month-long Italian honeymoon. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

P1140922 P1140981

Atop the Campanile di San Marco

P1140918 P1140953 P1140939 P1140970 P1140989 P1150079

Want to know what I think about this bar? Scroll down to my ‘tips’ section and see.


Couldn’t help feeling a bit famous at every bridge we came to on our gondola ride. 😉

We decided to cave and do what every other tourist in Venice does – take a gondola ride. Despite the stroke-inducing pricetag, I’m so glad J&I did this. It’s certainly my favorite memory of Venice … our gondolier swept us away from the noisy, cramped streets filled with tourists and transported us to a world of small, quiet canals. Bliss.

P1150799We first went out to the lagoon where the water was a bit more choppy.


P1150859And then we found our way to a labyrinth of still canals punctuated only by the singing of a passing gondolier.

CB’s Top Tips for Venice:

– Waterbus. Unless you are on a lavish, no-holds-barred honeymoon, I’d take the waterbus over a water taxi any time. The water taxis are notorious for being over-the-top expensive {albeit convenient}.

– Campanile di San Marco. For an amazing view of the city/lagoon, pay a small amount of money to take the elevator to the top of this bell tower located in St. Mark’s Square. Beautiful views. I’ve also heard that there is another {less well known} stellar spot for views – the San. Giorgio Maggiore located across from San Marco. From this point, you are granted a view across to Venice rather than looking down on it.

– Bellinis / Harry’s Bar. I think everyone who heard I was visiting Venice told me I must visit Harry’s Bar. So we decided to hunt this bar down one afternoon for some aperitifs. We found it without much trouble but were surprised to find a small, unattractive bar inside … it actually reminded me of some of the hole-in-the-wall type bars we frequented in college. Despite the unappealing interior, we looked around the crowded bar for a table and found two girls who offered us their table as they were leaving. As T&I were thanking them, a waiter came over and told us that we would only have 10 minutes at the table. I can’t tell you if those 10 minutes would have been worth it because we decided to leave and find another bellini-serving bar. Personally, Harry’s Bar seemed like a bit of tourist trap where you go to a dingy, unsophisticated bar to drink an overpriced drink just to say you did it. Just my two cents. Have you been? Tell me about your experience. 😉

– Gondola ride. Maybe this is another tourist trap but J&I caved and I think it was worth every penny {I mean euro cent}.

Burano. If you’re spending more than a day in Venice, you should really consider taking a water bus over to the island of Burano. It’s a great little escape to a beautiful Italian fishing village dotted with rainbow-colored homes. You can see my travel journal about Burano here.

If you have any tips, insights, suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear them! Happy Honeymooning! Did you miss the other entries of CB’s Travel Journal? Click here to catch up! 

All images by moi.

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  1. Well! Hubby and I didn’t honeymoon in Venice but we took our first Italian trip around the time he proposed in 2011. We loved exploring the calletas in the dark. When the tourists and cruise-ships clear out for the day- the city adorns a mysterious, ghostly cloak. I would suggest seeking out the most authentic eateries in Venice – we were referred by our B&B host to try the squid ink risotto at Poste Vecchio (?) – a restaurant that was the oldest post office in Venice. It was difficult to find, but definitely the right price and well-worth the hunt.

    My other advice is to embrace the early mornings and the peaceful quiet of the night. A giorno is a must.

  2. Kate, we definitely noticed how everyone cleared out at night. Mysterious is a great way to describe it…. 😉

  3. All these European posts have me itching to take a long vacation in Italy and France. Venice is definitely on the top of mine and my wife’s must visit list. A gondola ride is essential!

  4. I have heard so many wonderful things from those who have enjoyed honeymoons in Italy. Beautiful photos! What a romantic place to visit.

  5. Venice is Amazing!! is a fantastic location for a destination lifestyle honeymoon shoot and romantic photo session.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Would love to see a Venetian wedding!

      • i could provide many weddings in Venice!!
        if you want…

      • That would be great! If you have some that fit the preppy + polished style, I would *love* to see! xx

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