Turn your Wedding Brooch into Statement Necklace

Turn your Wedding Brooch into Statement Necklace

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by Tissage as the custom necklace featured in the post was sent to me complimentary in exchange for me writing about it and for additional advertising on Classic Bride blog. All editorial and opinions are my own.

When I was planning our wedding way back when, I found a stunning mother-of-pearl brooch at an antique store while visiting my parents in Alabama. I scarfed it up and promptly had it monogrammed and boy, did I love it. I attached it to my favorite clutch and carried it the night of our rehearsal dinner.

Image by Look Photography

… Sadly, my beloved little brooch somehow fell out of the limelight after the wedding. Luckily, I recently realized the potential it still had and I e-mailed my favorite jewelry-making lady, Tory, to see if she could create a statement necklace with the brooch. Check out what Tory came up with:

Don’t you love it? I just know this is going to be my favorite piece to wear this summer! So don’t forget about your wedding jewelry! If you’re not using it, figure out a way to re-purpose it so you will. There’s nothing more sad than beautiful jewelry collecting dust, am I right?

If you’d like to work with Tory on your own custom piece, you can check out this section in her Etsy shop or contact her directly at TissageArt@gmail.com. She also has a beautiful ready-to-purchase collection in her Tissage shop!