Honeymoon Travel Guide: Burano, Italy

Honeymoon Travel Guide: Burano, Italy

Entry No. 33: Burano, Italy


J&I flew into Venice to meet some friends to begin our Greek Isles cruise and while hanging out in Venice together, we decided to take a waterbus over to the island of Burano for the day. So, so glad we did. A labyrinth of rainbow-colored houses and mesmerizing canals awaited us … such a perfect day trip if you’re spending your honeymoon in Venice or northern Italy.

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After walking around for a bit, we decided to sit down for some aperitifs {oops, I don’t know the Italian word but my bellini – above – was out of this world} and a long, leisurely lunch. We enjoyed fresh caprese salads and some of the most delicious pizzas {yes, pizzaS} I’d ever had in my life. The restaurant we chose was next to a little plaza and the people watching was incredibly entertaining.

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CB’s Top Tips for Burano:

– Waterbus. Unless you are on a lavish, no-holds-barred honeymoon, I’d take the waterbus over a water taxi. The waterbus from Venice cost us about 16 euro roundtrip per person. The water taxis are notorious for being over-the-top expensive and for the trip to Burano {about 45 minutes}, I imagine the pricetag wouldn’t be pretty.

– Go freestyle. There are plenty of guided tours available that will take you to Burano but I’ve heard they only allot you, at most, a few hours, on the island. My advice would be to skip any tours and just go on your own. Go at your own pace … meander around the canals and enjoy a bellini or two without having to check your watch every 5 minutes.

– Other islands. In addition to Burano, there are also two other famed islands near Venice. Murano, famous for its glassware, isn’t far and may be of interest. Torcello is another island nearby and from what I’ve heard, it’s a quiet little authentic slice of Italian life. If you have the time, they might be worth visiting, as well.

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  1. June 19, 2013 / 1:30 AM

    Coloured houses? Really? They are so stunning! Although most of us would think about Italy in a quite different picture, Burano definitely stands out. Never thought of it as a great honeymoon spot, but from what you’ve written, people may have to rethink about their plans and probably travel to this Italian place. Thanks for the tips, by the way. Have a great day ahead! 🙂

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