Preppy Winter Engagement in San Francisco

Preppy Winter Engagement in San Francisco

Christmas is right around the corner and one of my favorite things that just scream holidays to me is a warm wool tartan throw. Thanks to one of my favorite photographers, Laura Monfredini, for sharing her gorgeous photos of Deidre and Collin with us.


Says photographer Laura, “Deidre & Collin are from Colorado originally, and are getting married there, but they wanted to do an e-session in San Francisco, where they both live now. We went to Cavallo Point, which is an old army base that has gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge and a pretty forested area. 


We kept the shoot simple and did a couple of themes to reflect their everyday lives — a hot chocolate break in the woods (they’re both fans of starbucks and the outdoors, so we combined those elements) and a little bit dressed up, as they would be for going out to dinner in the city, which they love to do. I wanted to catch them naturally interacting and it was so easy because they are so in love with each other.”

eLLePHOTOGRAPHY_winterpicniceshoot-1161 eLLePHOTOGRAPHY_winterpicniceshoot-1179

Aside from my unending love for that adorbs woolly throw, the Starbucks cups with the hearts are pretty darn cute! Don’t you think? Thanks again to Laura, of eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY for sending this lovely session over to share.