Custom Jewelry Design with Tissage – Perfect for Weddings!

Custom Jewelry Design with Tissage – Perfect for Weddings!

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored as the pieces featured were sent to me in exchange for me writing about them and for additional advertising on Classic Bride blog. All editorial and opinions are my own.

As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve been working with the talented Tory Browning, of Tissage, on creating some custom jewelry pieces. And I have to say, it’s been so much fun and today I’m thrilled to share the whole process with you!

So here’s what got the ball rolling: I have this growing collection of vintage pins/brooches and while I do wear some of them from time to time, most tend to get neglected which was starting to make me feel like a bad parent and then a lightbulb went off: What if I sent these prized yet unused beauties to Tory who could give them renewed life as a gorgeous statement necklace or bracelet?! Then, instead of sitting pretty on my vanity, they could be sitting pretty on my neck or wrist! So that got Tory and me talking and I sent her this photo of the brooches I was hoping to have transformed:

Try to ignore the horrid photo quality and unsightly flash…

My first idea was to have all 3 bees on a layered-pearl necklace; the flower brooch on a layered-pearl bracelet; and I had no clue what to do with the cupid’s bow pin. Tory was on board so I mailed the pieces out to her. During that time, I did some online-necklace-stalking and fell in love with a stone called magnesite. It kind of resembles a creamy pebble with veins running through it. I loved the idea of pairing the bees with magnesite. Tory didn’t have the stone on hand but ordered it with no problem and had the great idea to add small, faceted gold beads between each stone. I also discovered another new stone love – labradorite – and thought it would be perfect for a necklace with the Cupid’s bow pin.

We had also been talking about the idea of using a really colorful stone with the daisy brooch. I was beginning to like some dyed agates Tory had shared with me when I thought of chalcedony. After Tory ordered the stones, she made a few mock designs so I could make sure I liked how everything looked and/or choose which design I liked the best:
The bees obviously had the most variety – which design do you like the best?
Below are the final outcomes of the pieces so you can see which options I chose.

I haven’t seen them in person yet but I can tell I will just love them to bits! I think it goes without saying but I would highly recommend Tory – she is a dream to work with and the results are nothing short of stunning as you can see. If you’d like to work with Tory on your own custom piece, you can check out this section in her Etsy shop or contact her directly at