Gorgeous Ring Line-up from Brilliant Earth

Gorgeous Ring Line-up from Brilliant Earth

Editor’s Note: This post is sponsored by Brilliant Earth. All editorial and opinions are my own.

If I hadn’t been lucky enough to inherit antique diamonds from both my and J’s family for my engagement ring, I guarantee I would have spent a ridiculous amount of time in front of my laptop drooling over Brilliant Earth’s exquisite ring designs. Using conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold and platinum, Brilliant Earth offers a terrific variety of rings ranging from the utterly classic solitaire to the gorgeous + glittery halo styles to seriously drool-worthy Edwardian and Art Deco styles from their antique collection … or you can even custom design your own ring! And I love that everything they carry is completely eco-friendly. My absolute favorite rings to browse on Brilliant Earth are the Antique Engagement Rings and Vintage Rings … hello, my pretties! Here are my current faves:

Ooh, and there’s always the classic, can-do-no-wrong solitaire …
And I honestly can’t get enough of the halo trend.
Here are my top three favorite halo styles from Brilliant Earth:


Shop the full collection at Brilliant Earth and tell me which ring you have eyes for … if you can narrow it down to just one!
Images provided by Brilliant Earth.

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