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Honeymoon Travel Guide: Ephesus & Athens

Entry No. 21 / Ephesus, Turkey & Athens, Greece


We arrived in Turkey {Kusadasi port} just as the sun was rising {wow.} and then headed to Ephesus. We saw a house up on a hill where the Virgin Mary supposedly stayed for a short while and then we made our way to the ancient village of Ephesus:


Ruins of the ancient library. Our guide told us that a secret passageway was found within the library leading underground and across the road to the town brothel. Scandalous!



We were told by many people on the ship that you could get excellent deals on leather goods in Kusadasi so we made a beeline to several leather shops. I don’t think I got that great of a deal {when I got back home and told my Turkish friend what I paid she seemed to kinda cringe, ugh} but I do truly love the two leather jackets I bought – A black biker-style leather jacket [110 euro] that almost feels too cool to wear and a caramel-colored bomber jacket [130 euro] that you can see in a photo below. When I spotted the bomber jacket, my pulse quickened and then my heart fell when I realized they didn’t have my size in the showroom … but the salesman explained to me that they could custom tailor the jacket for me right then, right there. I put down a 20 euro deposit and came back in half an hour and the jacket fit me perfectly! Oh, and there was no extra charge for the tailor! I was pretty impressed with the efficiency and fab customer service at that shop! My friend, T, also scored an adorable leather jacket for around 110 euro. Have you purchased leather or another good in Turkey? If so, please share your experience with us!

The following day, we arrived in Athens, Greece. We took a short + guided tour around the city and then parted from the group to explore on our own …

P1000488 P1000489

Spotted a flea market near the Plaka district but since our suitcases were already pretty tight, we just took a quick look. We did find some gorgeous jewelry including some fun turquoise necklaces and a floating crystal necklace that I am seriously obsessed with. And I picked up a Greek Vogue for my coffee table collection.

Our lunch that day was beyond phenomenal – we had stuffed tomatoes along with the most delicious tzatziki, olive paste and vegetarian moussaka. Delish.

P1000493After lunch, we decided to make our way to see the Parthenon. {We thought the excursion we purchased included a trip up to it but it actually just included a lame photo op – so be careful when booking your excursions!}. I have to say, I am soooo glad we parted ways with our group and made the hike up on our own. The views alone were worth it and seeing the structure up close was mind-blowing. Here’s a few of my favorites:


Gorgeous Athens … annnnd the leather bomber jacket I picked up the day before in Turkey.

P1000532 P1000541 P1000557After the hike back down, we hailed a taxi back to the port, boarded the ship, and quickly found out which bar was hosting happy hour. 🙂 Our favorite way to unwind after a day of sightseeing!


On Thursday, I’ll be sharing our time spent in Pompeii, Sorento and Capri. Hope you enjoy! 

The Details
Celebrity – Equinox Ship
11 day Mediterranean Cruise

Rome, Italy
Crete, Greece
Rhodes, Greece
Ephesus / Kusadasi, Turkey
Athens, Greece
Pompeii + Capri
Rome, Italy


  1. lovely photos. I lived in Turkey for five years, there is so much to see. Hugs

    • How neat to have lived there for 5 years! Do you have a favorite place you visited in Turkey? I’d love to go back!

  2. Wonderful post. We went to Greece for our honeymoon and loved everything about it, especially the food! I am dying to go to Turkey next. I recently featured a honeymoon series on my blog which was great for added insight and tips by honeymooners!

    • Thanks, Michele! I know, I still dream about the food! 😉 Love your series 🙂

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