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Drumroll, please …

The winners of Crane & Co.’s The Wedding Blue Book are …

Catherine, who said:
I’d love to see more pics from your wedding! I’d also like to see some posts about weddings that are classic because they’re not over the top. A lot of these would be budget weddings, but probably not major artsy-craftsy DIY weddings, more like classic, tasteful, and SIMPLE weddings like our grandparents would have had.

Sonjia, who said:
I’m always curious about what people do within their budget. I feel like wedding magazines and blogs always show you FABULOUS weddings, but I always wonder how much did these people spend and what did they spend it on? What were the parameters they were working with and what’s their daily style?

and Natalie, who said:
No! I have had more fun looking through this site and found more ideas for my own wedding than in any other blog, magazine, or wedding fair. It is artful but maintains a sense of wedding whimsy. I’m an art history grad and quite a dreamer, so it suits me perfectly! Thank you!

The three of you will receive an e-mail regarding your prize and the winner of the Modern Romance flower and veil will be announced soon as well as some of the more interesting survey results! Stay tuned!

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