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Thank You cards

Enough depressing hair talk. My new embosser arrived in the mail today! I ordered this style from Living Victorian (with our married monogram) and couldn’t be happier!

I found some really lovely white cardstock folded cards on clearance at Target a looong time ago and scarfed them all up, knowing they’d come in handy at some point. Enter our Thank You cards. I already tried embossing the front flap of one and love it!


  1. I use my embosser ALLLL THE TIIIIME! (esp now, since my initials will be changing soon)

    You’ll start finding all kinds of things to emboss! I do the books in my library, and gold seals that I place on the back of all my envelopes! They look really nice, but are only maybe $2 for 30 seals at the stationery store!

    Target has GREAT paper products!

  2. What a faboo idea. I think I may have to jump on the embossing bandwagon!!

  3. AEO AEO

    I did this as well. I got our cards at Crane (on clearance) that matched our wedding colors (yea!!) and ordered an embosser with our married monogram. I also bought another plate with our address so that we could emboss our adress onto the back. It worked out SO well. I highly recommend the address embosser, especially if you have the kind where you can switch out the plates!

  4. An alternative to embossing, if you’ve got the time, is also to do wax stampings.

    Or you could combine the embossing with an postcard sized image to create a nice visual appeal. Your wedding photographer should be able to source good quality photographic thank you cards.

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