Hair trial nightmare

I’ve been worried about this for some time. I’m extremely extremely extremely picky about my hair. I mean, the main reason I decided to go back to my natural hair color was because I couldn’t imagine myself entrusting the highlighting process to someone new when we moved.

So, today, I arrived for my hair consultation (at one of the nicest salons in town — apparently), photos in hand, and asked a super-simple chignon … I wanted it high with lots of volume. What I got was a very low and flat bun of sorts. The weirdest part was that the only product she used on me was hairspray and I had so many fly-aways it just wasn’t funny. When J got home, he didn’t even realize I had gone to the salon. He thought I had my hair in a ponytail.

I’m not sure if I should call and ask to come in again (I’m really not wanting to pay another $75 just to walk out looking like I did going in) or try somewhere else. And I’m out of styles to try … Suggestions????? :o(

So I called and asked for another trial only to find out that it would be an additional $50. I know in the big scheme of things it isn’t that much money but it was the way everything was handled that made me so upset. The girl told me “Of course it fell out … we never do the trial as well as we do for the wedding” …. Whaaaat? Why wasn’t I told that before? And what is the point of that? I’m booking trials to make sure my hair stays and that I like it … She also told me that she’d put more volume, product and height on the day of … It probably doesn’t need to be said but I won’t be re-visiting that salon. I spent last night considering doing my own hair. That idea lasted about an hour after playing around with a curling iron. On to the next salon, I guess. ;o(


  1. September 12, 2008 / 3:06 AM

    I would let them know that what they gave you wasn’t what you’d asked for and ask if they’ll give you a discount toward a second trial to make sure you have things just right before the big day. If you don’t think that salon will work for you, you will have to pay a trial fee at another salon anyway.

  2. September 12, 2008 / 3:29 AM

    Oh, tough call… is your gut saying anything? Because if it is, I would run with that.

    I had a bit of a hair nightmare on my wedding day and had I listened to my gut, it would have (likely) been avoided.

    Good luck, and I am sorry you were disappointed. At least, better today than on your wedding day, huh?

  3. September 12, 2008 / 3:48 AM

    That is TERRIBLE! Muffy says: Call the salon and tell them you were very unhappy and ask how they would like to remedy the problem. At the very least they should give you a second trial but you can never tell. GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. September 12, 2008 / 5:03 AM

    i had a HORRIBLE first trial. I was armed with photos and she talked me into doing this a-symmetrical mess for my trial, just to see if I would like it (even though I had photos in hand of what I wanted). It was an awful mess. I left just not feeling like me. So I called back in 2 days and just told her that I just didn’t feel like the updo she gave me was “me”. I told her that I would really like to come in for another hair trial, but that I just couldn’t afford it. She was 100% ok with letting me come in again and do another trial.
    There is no harm in asking for a second trial, right?! Do it.

  5. September 12, 2008 / 11:54 AM

    i would go somewhere else. it’s worth another $75 to get the hair you want for your wedding day. a simple full chignon is basic enough that a decent stylist should be able to do it easily. and if the person who did your trial never asked you what you thought or if you usually use more product, etc. then they’re not someone you should trust for your wedding day. definitely try someone new.

  6. September 12, 2008 / 1:47 PM

    Hairdressers tend to be arrogant and set in their ways. I wouldn’t want to add potential drama to your day and would suggest going to a whole new place – because that’s just ridiculous. She clearly was thinking of herself and not YOU the way it should be!

  7. September 12, 2008 / 3:06 PM

    Maybe you should look into finding someone to come to you. I am going to book my trial in December (May wedding) I cannot tell you how nervous I am about it. It seems like we can control so much else! And there are so many things that if they don’t come out exactly right that I will be able to let roll off my shoulders. I DO NOT think I will be able to get over having a bad hair day on my wedding day!!
    Call them and see what they say. And…it maybe a good time to tell them that you have a very popular blog?

  8. September 12, 2008 / 8:29 PM

    You might call, but really, I agree with notsojenny. I would just go someplace else.
    It’s terrible that you will have to pay for another trial, but at least you’ll be able to find somebody that you know you can trust – and somebody who you can build a good relationship with!
    It’d be different if you really knew these people well. Then you could call and just tell them the truth, and they probably wouldn’t care. But since you don’t, you run the risk of making the stylist a little upset.

    I’d just go someplace new. Maybe that salon IS really good, but obviously, that was not one of their better stylists!

  9. September 12, 2008 / 9:51 PM

    Another vote for go somewhere else.

    Find a friend who loved her stylist and try that person. There’s a lot of variety within a salon–get a recommendation on a specific person and give her (or him!) a try…

  10. September 12, 2008 / 10:44 PM

    I would ask your venue for their preferred vendors and use one that includes a gratis trial run. The salon I’m using charges the bride $120 for her hairstyle, including one free trial run.

  11. Jayme
    September 13, 2008 / 1:11 AM

    As the daughter of a hairdresser I have to say that what happened at your trial is really sad. I would call the salon back and ask to speak to the manager/owner. Explain what happened to them and give them the chance to fix the situation by having you come in again to a different stylist and not be charged. If they do not offer that then go to a different salon. If you do end up going to another salon be sure to explain what happened to before, then they will probably cover the cost of your trial run. In fact most salons do not charge a bride for a trial run because typically they end up doing the hair for the whole bridal party, not to mention any chemical work the bride might want done.

  12. September 13, 2008 / 5:15 AM

    I would call and let them know that what you received was not what you wanted. They might redo you for free, so they can keep your business.

  13. September 13, 2008 / 8:05 PM

    I say go somewhere else, too.

    As an alternative though, do you have any friends who do a good job with hair? I had a good friend do mine on my wedding day – she isn’t “professional”, but my hair looked better than any salon I’ve been to before! As my friend, she knew me and my personality, and she actually cared about making me look good. We did a few trial runs, just to make sure, but I had complete confidence in her…a feeling I’m sure would not have been the same, if I had gone to a salon. Just another idea…

  14. September 14, 2008 / 11:16 PM

    As another daughter of a hairdresser, I like to share a little-known fact: if you don’t like what someone does to your hair, you don’t have to pay for it. Cut, color, style, whatever. If you found something offensive in your food at a restaurant you’d ask for it to be taken off the bill, and the same is true of a hair salon. Hopefully, though, what happened to you won’t happen again. I think it’s BS that they wouldn’t do a trial as well as they would do the real thing!

  15. Anonymous
    September 17, 2008 / 2:31 PM

    okay, do not go back there (at least for your wedding)! a good salon will always make you feel good about leaving and more importantly about coming back. If they couldnt do what you wanted the first time, how do you know they can do it the second time? keep looking, sometimes there are great hairstylists where you wouldnt think. when you call around ask if they have a stylist who specializes in updo’s.

  16. September 19, 2008 / 7:12 PM

    Sorry to hear about all the hair-trial drama!
    It’s terrible that you have to find a new salon, but obviously this is for the best!
    Good luck!

    I like the half-up/half-down look – very pretty!

  17. Anonymous
    September 20, 2008 / 1:43 AM

    Thats funny because its almost the same thing that happened to me, except I didn’t call back. I’m just not going back to the salon.

    I brought a picture in and said i want it “exactally like the picture” … well i guess that was too hard for her to understand because only half of it came out like the picture and an hour later when i got home little pieces started falling out.

    PLUS..i had the same girl do my make-up trial, and i didn’t say anything at the salon because i only looked at it for a minute and there were like 10 ppl around, but when i got home i hated it. i looked pale and my eye shadow was soo dark. i look better without the makeup than the way she did it!

    I was so disappointed…this salon is suppose to be the best around. i’m prolly just going to end up doing my own make-up because i do it wayyy better and im going somewhere else for a hair trial and just paying another $65.

    good luck! i feel your frustration.

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