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Pasadena Garden Wedding

Isabel and Sully had a classically styled intimate wedding at the La Canada Thursday Club in Pasadena, Calif. With the help of Memoire Events, many DIYs by the couple and florals by GD Designers, their special day encapsulated laid back elegance. / Images by Anya Kernes Photography.



Says Isabel, “We wanted an intimate, romantic and whimsical vibe at the wedding that would reflect our personality, make it personal, and make our guests feel right at home. Regarding color theme, I loved how blush/light grey/lavender went together. This can be seen through my wedding dress, which was ivory lace overlay over blush, my bridal party dress gradient colors, and the central ceremonial ribbon background and paper flowers. DSC_0062 IMG_1280


We also wanted the theme to show off some of our personality. This spearheaded some of our DIY projects which included the ribbon backdrop, paper flowers, and paper pinwheels. We had fun putting these things together and felt that they represented our relaxed, carefree, and fun attitudes. 
DSC_0718 DSC_1576

Isabel & Sully’s Love Story | Sully and I met as undergrads while we attended Cal State Northridge. We were both Psych majors and met through our mutual involvement in Psi Chi, a psychology honor society. I had previously known of him for a couple of years since we had the same classes but he was the boy I had a crush on from afar. Apparently he had also had his eye on me and I had no idea! We got lucky when we both got selected to be part of the PSI CHI executive board and we finally had an excuse to talk. This led us to talking more and hanging out on a regular basis. Our increased time together led to him asking me to be his girlfriend on Feb 23, 2009, over a bowl of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. By 2011, we graduated, were dating for 2 years, adopted Pinkie, and finally decided to move in together. But not only did we move in together, but we moved across country to VT! While living in Vermont, he popped the question on May 2012. He had been planning this for some time. He had asked for his grandmother’s engagement ring to use and asked his family for assistance. He knew that I am a HUGE picture taker and love saving memories via camera, so he hired a local VT photographer to capture the moment. It was my day off and we had made plans to meet up for lunch that day at our favorite coffee shop. I met him at noon and while I was ordering I was oblivious to the fact he had gone on one knee and was about to ask when I turned around. I had decided to turn the wrong way and he had to call me back in order for me to see. lol. It was a great surprise and I may have initially shouted, “Are you serious?!” The next thing I know there were flashes in my face, thanks to the photographer. After being slightly disoriented and super excited I said yes!!! From that point, we moved to PA that year once he got accepted to the Penn State graduate program. Seeing as how he was a student and I was getting started in working in therapy with kids, we had a long way to save up for our wedding. But 3 years later, it happened and it was simply perfect.DSC_1592 DSC_0239 IMG_0042



Credits: Venue: La Canada Thursday Club in Pasadena, Calif. | Photography: Anya Kernes Photography | Coordinator: Christine Lalonde of Memoire Events | Hair & Makeup: Stacy of Iconic Pinups | Florals: GD Designers


  1. Thomas Bedernik Thomas Bedernik

    Nice story!

  2. I loved the wedding location, background and couple the most. They both look lovely together. Good to see this much love and passion. Congratulations to both of them. Garden wedding idea is rocking for summer weddings and looking amazingly beautiful and impressive.

  3. Elnora Elnora

    Lovely couple and very nice pictures )

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