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Côte d’Azur Wedding Inspiration Board

I’m back with another destination wedding board! Today’s board spotlights a seaside wedding along France’s Côte d’Azur – a vibrant, cheerful and stunning destination for a wedding celebration. As always, I used photos from my archived honeymoon travel series and CB’s real weddings to create the look:CotedAzur_weddingThe colors: Lemon and Ivory with hints of pink to pay tribute to the vibrant homes that dot the seaside cliffs.

The vibe: Playful, cheerful & casual yet polished to perfection.

Travel the inspiration board: Want to visit the Côte d’Azur now? Read my honeymoon guide to the Côte d’Azur – it’s loaded with personal pics I took and all of my top tips I learned while vacationing in southern France.

Extra ideas for a French Riviera wedding: I love the idea of the couple departing the ceremony on a pink Vespa with Burberry finishes (like the one in the board that I spotted while in Saint Tropez!). And a yacht reception would be completely fitting for this locale.

See more from the featured weddings: Row 1, l to r: Chic Melbourne wedding, image by Nicholas Purcell StudioCôte d’Azur getaway; image by myself; Preppy Rhode Island wedding, image by Erin McGinn; Row 2: Preppy Newport Yachting Center wedding, image by Erin McGinn Photography; Regatta Place wedding in Newport, image by Erin McGinn PhotographyCôte d’Azur getaway; image by myself; Row 3: Chic wedding in Jamaica, image by Katie Kaizer PhotographyCôte d’Azur getaway; image by myself; Preppy Newport Yachting Center wedding, image by Erin McGinn Photography.

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