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Garden Chic Rancho Santa Fe Estate Wedding

Elizabeth and Tyler wed at a private residence in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., and from the photographer’s submission, it sounds like they are the sweetest family on Earth – he even still chats with the bride’s mother via e-mail! / Images by Scott Lawrence.

ET_Wedding0058 ET_Wedding0055Says Elizabeth, “We both have wonderful families and fantastic friends that mean so much to us, so when planning our wedding day we had them in mind. We wanted the guests at our wedding to feel like they were special and a real part of the day; because they have been a real part of our life and relationship. We wanted an intimate, elegant setting that managed to make people feel comfortable. Most of all, we wanted to be able to celebrate our love with all the people that we love and have loved us. The style of our wedding was classic and a little rustic. Luckily, between the amazing floral designs of my aunt and my mom’s incredible eye for detail and unique finds (she buys and sells antiques), we pretty much trusted the two to take our few ideas and run with it! And boy did they!!! Right from the beginning, I knew I wanted to incorporate the contrast of burlap and lace (but didn’t want it over the top- I’m not into total themed out weddings). Everything just sort of developed as time went on,truly into the wedding of our dreams!

ET_Wedding0123 ET_Wedding0009 ET_Wedding0252 ET_Wedding0063 ET_Wedding0118 ET_Wedding0097_B-amp-W ET_Wedding0154I know it’s cliche, but I know my favorite memory was seeing Tyler standing at the end of the aisle. I remember getting to him and breathing a deep sigh of relief, like “this is it… it’s finally time for us to be husband and wife!” I remember holding his hand, and shaking a little during the ceremony. He held it back with such strength; stopped my shaking… a good sign for what is to come! I asked Tyler his favorite memory, and he also agrees that watching me walk down the aisle toward him was the best part of the day. (Although I know he LOVED being able to drive away in the late 1960’s F100 truck- We cruised around and to the beach in it the next day… we might just have to have one someday!)

ET_Wedding0161 ET_Wedding0305 ET_Wedding0358 ET_Wedding0385 Our ceremony took place on the spacious front porch, under the most incredible floral arch. The house lent itself perfectly to transitioning from one event to another. After the ceremony, guests were invited to come up and enter through the home, out to the backyard, overlooking an orange grove. We were able to serve cocktails and appetizers poolside prior to inviting friends and family up to the main lawn for dinner. 

ET_Wedding0425 ET_Wedding0545_B-amp-WET_Wedding0492 ET_Wedding0592Someone told us both to do the best we could to stay in-the-moment. This really was great advice. Everything happens so quickly and it’s all so wonderful. It is very easy to feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience. Every few minutes, I would take a mental break, look around and breathe deeply. It’s those moments that I hold the most vivid mental images.

My mom collected vintage china for my brother’s wedding the year before that we reused for ours… our guests loved the mix-matched look (it was especially poignant for some… Tyler’s Nana was able to eat off of her grandmother’s china)

ET_Wedding0775 ET_Wedding0587 ET_Wedding0640 ET_Wedding0606 ET_Wedding0617Tyler and my brother made all of the flower boxes for our centerpieces from rotted-out fence boards, from our neighbors! (I still have mine that I use in the house!!!) I loved that we were able to have rectangular and round tables that allowed us to mix up the size/shape of the boxes. The structure that we (and by we, I mean, Tyler and my dad) built over the dance floor was designed to help set the mood, and maintain an intimate feeling. Despite the large number of guests, we still wanted it to feel like a small party. 

ET_Wedding0812 ET_Wedding0973Looking back, I have to say that the drive away from the house was amazing too. It’s not often that you can glance in the rearview mirror and see everyone in your life that is important to you; then look to the person beside you, and know that they’re yours forever. We talked the whole ride as if we were replaying the entire day’s highlight real.”

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself back when you were a bride-to-be/groom-to-be, what would it be? I know Tyler’s Papa gave him good advice, the night of our rehearsal dinner. He said, “Ty, tomorrow something will go wrong. It just will. Just realize it now, so you can get over it when it happens.” Sure enough, there were minor hiccups but at the end of the day we were married, all our loved ones were there to witness it, and we celebrated on the dance floor all night! My advice would be- don’t stress; the only thing you should worry about is remembering every moment!

Credits: Photography – Scott Lawrence Studios / Catering- 24Carrots / Men’s Tux- Better Deal Tuxedo, La Jolla CA / Dress- Provence Bride, Encinitas CA / Cake- family friend of the bride and groom / Flowers- Lisa Duff (Aunt of the Bride) / Music- Dennis Bergstrom of B’Entertained

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    I love the colorful and floral bathrobe for the bridesmaids.

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