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Classic Italian Wedding in Ravello

Marc and Amanda decided on an Italian destination wedding at the Villa Cimbrone in Ravello as it was about half way between Marc’s home of Perth, Australia, and Amanda’s home in Boise, Idaho. The couple had an intimate wedding with close family and friends and extended their time in Italy to include a honeymoon along the Amalfi Coast and some time in Rome to see family. / Images by Rochelle Cheever Photography.

AM_bw-135Says Amanda, “My father-in-law is Italian and Marc had been to Ravello with him years before and absolutely loved Villa Cimbrone in Ravello where we ended up taking most of our pictures.  When Marc and I got engaged, we decided on Italy as a middle ground between Perth, Australia, where Marc is from, and Boise, Idaho, for me. We were only engaged for six weeks before we got married and were lucky to have our immediate families and a few close friends make the trip. My sister and her husband even came directly from their own honeymoon. 

AM-10AM-4 AM-26AM-12AM-32I had known my Grandmother had a beautiful wedding dress and when we got engaged, I asked her if I could try it on. She had picked the design and had it made for her wedding, even importing the decorative silk flowers around the neckline from Sweden. It fit well and I loved it. It was the only dress I tried on – I never went dress shopping. She was unable to come to Italy for the wedding, so it was nice to be able to have something of hers [with me].

AM-28AM-36AM_bw-145 AM_bw-3My father-in-law arranged for us to get a time for the wedding in gardens in Ravello overlooking the mountains and ocean and, luckily, the weather turned out and it was a perfect day. We really owe all the credit for the day to our families as they did all the planning for us and had great taste.


Amanda + Marc’s Love Story
Marc and I met while we were both working in Africa. We both worked for the same company and became friends when I was moved into the desk across from Marc. After I was transferred to Australia for work he flew from Africa to ask me out and we then dated long distance for several months before getting engaged in November 2013 while we were visiting my family in the States.


AM_bw-83Our flowers were beautiful – a very generous gift and we took one of the main bunches along with us on our honeymoon and were able to enjoy them for most of the trip. We had local mandolin players at the dinner and they were wonderful. They set the mood perfectly.



Amanda leaves us with some great wedding advice, “Enjoy the process and don’t worry too much about the small details – the key is getting to spend time celebrating with your family and friends.”

Honeymoon | Marc and Amanda explored the Amalfi Coast for a few days after the wedding and then drove back to Rome for a couple of days visiting family prior to flying back to work in Africa.

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