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CB Style File: Winter Bridesmaids

I will always love the idea of a winter wedding and with the season soon upon us, I thought I’d share my top 3 favorite bridesmaids dresses from J. Crew for a wintry soirée:


Jacquard Dot
I’d love to see this bridesmaid carry a creamy white bouquet of paperwhites and ranunculus. I imagine the wedding palette to be navy + white – crisp and clean. Subtle striping and polka dots galore.


I see this bridesmaid carrying a lush bouquet of white peonies, accented by holly leaves + berries and a few glossy magnolia leaves. Crimson, navy and white would be the wedding palette. Calligraphied embellishments would overwhelm in the best of ways.



I picture this bridesmaid carrying a simplified bouquet of cala lillies. Black and white ballroom style. Clearly black tie.

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    • Couldn’t have said it better! 😉 xx

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