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Coastal Farm Faux Wedding in Maine

This coastal New England inspiration shoot at Live Well Farm in Harpswell, Maine, has such a beautifully organic feel to it and is sure to perk up your Monday! Aside from the darling farm venue, I love that the focus of this shoot  is dedicated to those rare moments the bride and groom share together during the wedding day! With styling by DAISIES & PEARLS | MERRYMAKING and photos by Nadra Photography, this East Coast shoot has me so excited for our New England road trip – we head out tomorrow!! xx


Says Nadra, “For the bride and groom, the intimate moments shared during the day are few and far between from first leaving the ceremony hand in hand, to posing for photos together and finally ruminating after all the guests bid farewell. This styled shoot highlights the personal cherished moments a bride and groom share.

The setting is a residence in coastal Maine, featuring manicured grounds lush in spring bloom, a finished barn with rustic details, and comfortable lodging for family and friends. Inspiration for the overall design is the pastoral backdrop and seasonal harvest. The bright Spring-enthused color palette of the invitation suite carries through the entire design especially the tablescape. Adorned with a garden bounty, the table first appears unspoiled, it is then tarnished by the fete. Similarly, the dessert table initially filled with delicious treats is quickly consumed.

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The couple begin their day without a blemish or wrinkle. As the merriment continues on, slowly but surely, their joy overcomes any cares as they live in the moment. The bride lets down her hair and the groom loosens his collar. They whisper sweet nothings and catch a moment’s rest in a peaceful setting.

0066_MP6A4433-EditLive_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography 0073_MP6A4528-Edit-2Live_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography0082_MP6A4625-EditLive_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography0078_MP6A4584-EditLive_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography



Once the last drop of wine is savored and the newlyweds say farewell to their guests, it is time for the couple to reflect on their special day and new life together. Before retiring for the evening famished from dancing the night away they enjoy a bite to eat and share their cherished memories.”

0079_MP6A4602-EditLive_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography0080_MP6A4610-Edit-EditLive_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography 0085_MP6A4742-EditLive_Well_Farm_Nadra_Photography

Credits: Venue: Live Well Farm / Photography: Nadra Photography / Floral Design: Emily Carter Floral Design / Coordination/Styling/Design: DAISIES & PEARLS | MERRYMAKING /Dessert: The Winey Baker / Stationery: Tweedle Press / Hair/Makeup: Ariel Johnson / Fashion: Andrea’s Bridal  and Spoil Me / Jewelry: Springer’s Jewelers

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  1. Thank you for sharing our fun collaboration with your readers.

    • So happy to share, Sarah!

  2. Oh my stars, this is heaven! Have a fabulous East Coast adventure!

    • Thanks, Lena! I just got home from the whirlwind vacay and have to say it was a blast! 😉 Can’t wait to share it all. xx

  3. Kate Hodgkins Kate Hodgkins

    Love love love

  4. I just stumbled across this! Thanks so much for the credit! 😀

    • Sure thing, Ariel!

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