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Magnolia Bakery Engagement in NYC

Editor’s Note: This post is from the archives but with the high temps here in San Antonio, I’m craving fall weather and this pretty autumn engagement is doing just the trick (except now I’m craving cooler weather *and* cupcakes!)

Hope you’re ready for a super sweet engagement because Jennifer and Adam decided to have their photos taken at NYC’s famous Magnolia Bakery (remember way back when Carrie and Miranda were enjoying those cupcakes on the bench?) / Photos by Natasha Montero.

Says photographer Natasha, “We shot at several locations throughout the city as [Jennifer and Adam] wanted a super “New York-y” photo shoot as they moved here together and their wedding is taking place in Texas, they wanted to have pictures for themselves and their friends and family to show how much they loved NY. But the focal point of the day and our favorite part were the photos that revolved around cupcakes! =) They bought some red velvet cupcakes from the famous Magnolia Bakery and we took some pictures outside and at a park right across the street.”


  1. So cute and so sweet. Congratulations on getting that ring! Happy wedding planning!

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