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Classic College Wedding at Miami University of Ohio {w/the Perfect Getaway Car!}

Last week I asked for some college campus wedding submissions and today I’m happy to share the first! This wedding hits a little close to home for me and I just love it. J&I met and became engaged during our college years at Miami University – we even had our engagement photos taken on campus and had given some pretty serious thought to booking Ses chapel for our wedding so you can imagine my excitement today in sharing Chris and Stephani’s beautiful wedding at Miami’s adorable Sesquicentennial Chapel. / Photos by Andrea Dozier.

Chris & Stephani met in college at Miami University and after graduating, both went on to serve in the United States Air Force. At the time of the wedding planning, Stephani was serving in Germany and Chris in Nevada. They were married at Miami’s quaint Sesquicentennial Chapel and had a reception at J & J Winery in Richmond, Indiana.

It’s well-known legend on Miami’s campus that if a couple kisses under Upham Arch at midnight, they are destined to marry and live happily ever after. {Oh, you can bet J&I kissed under Upham Arch more than once … (:}

Obviously, a must-have photo for Chris and Stephani’s wedding day was a kiss under Upham Arch. I love that she slipped out of her gorgeous Lord & Taylor stilettos and put on a pair of Tiffany-colored Chuck Taylors to make the walk more comfortable.

Stephani’s Dad’s classic car waited outside Ses Chapel as their getaway ride. I know … isn’t it just beyond perfect?


Thanks so much to Chris and Stephani for sharing their lovely wedding and to photographer Andrea Dozier for sharing her oh-so-gorgeous images of the day. xx.

And if you’d like to share your own college campus wedding, please send photos and a short description to Can’t wait to see! 🙂



  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I didn’t realize you were an alum as well, that is so sweet that you also kissed there too! It was really important to Stephani to get that shot & I loved that she brought her “walking shoes” for it!

    • Yes. 🙂 Love and honor to Miami!

      I bet Stephani has one of those Upham Arch photos framed in their home – goooorgeous shots. xx

  2. My fiance and I are getting married at Miami next year! We can’t wait to share with our friends and family our special place! Love & Honor!

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