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Wednesday Nesting: Farmhouse Chic Inspiration

Somehow, this little shoot I did got buried and I forgot to share! Better late than never, no? {And, I know – it’s very similar to yesterday’s shoot as it was my ‘indoor-preliminary-draft’ version. haha. But I thought you might still enjoy it!} I thought this decor would be just lovely if used in a picnic-themed engagement shoot. My favorite part is everything used as a prop could be saved and re-used again and again for future picnics and outings as a married couple! Almost like a fun investment!

I’m imagining a meadow of soft grass surrounded by towering pines and pretty wildflowers …

Many of these pretties are stocked in my wedding boutique so if you see something you like, head over to CBV for some shopping! 😉

All images by moi


  1. Beautiful….smiles.

  2. Love that you’ve just given us an excuse to buy styling touches “It’s an investment for our future, darling, honest”…

  3. i love it. Very sweet and vintage. Love the lightness of it all!

  4. Love all the pictures and the things are all valuable that you should keep with

  5. Love the photos- you are very talented!

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