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Stunningly Classic D.C. wedding

When Kate shared Chris and Sarah’s gorgeous day with me, I was in heaven. Such gorgeous photography paired with the bride’s beautifully understated elegance. Let’s take a peek at the couple’s fabulous May 8, 2010 wedding at St. Paul’s Church and reception at the Carlyle Club in Old Town Alexandria:

Images: Kate Headley /Kate Headley Photography is a current CB sponsor but this is not a sponsored post.


  1. I love that as I was scrolling through the post, looking at the photos, I knew that this was a Kate Headley wedding! She has such a lovely signature style! This wedding is just perfect for Classic Bride!

  2. At first I didn’t like the mustard tone to the bridesmaid dresses, but I have to admit, they photograph really, really well! Love the pink ribbon accents on the bouquets, too!

  3. I love the photos. I think the bridesmaids dresses look especially nice in the photo where they are walking with the bride and in the photo were the bride and groom are walking down the street in the center, with bridesmaids in yellow to one side and groomsmen in black to the other side – it makes a great photo.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    i think this is the loveliest thing i have ever seen. in fact, i think those bridesmaids and bride should be on the cover of a magazine!

  5. GA-GA-Gorgeous! Almost makes me want to change the vibe of my own wedding I’m planning. Great Post.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous

    Does anyone know where this dress is from? I’m obsessed with it! If you have any clue of the designer please post in the comments 🙂

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    From the bride…the dress is Michelle Rahn, she is an amazing designer and personally made sure that I felt beautiful and comfortable on my wedding day, which I did 🙂

  8. Anonymous Anonymous

    does anyone know where the mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses are from?

  9. Anonymous Anonymous

    JCrew Cotton Cady in Chartreuse

  10. Such a unique color of bridesmaid dresses. I like it!

  11. I love the simple yet elegant look of the bride’s gown. It’s just so simple that made her really beautiful. She’s astonishing!

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  12. does anyone know where the mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses are from?

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